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the hostesses were muslim
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Patsy Cline - Showcase

Great opener of course. I'd love to hear Lana Del Rey cover I Fall to Pieces, or a few other tracks on here in fact. The album continues to be strong, aside from the random fade out ending to Foolin' Around (not sure if that depends on which version you have). I totally dig her voice man, even if the background music comes across rather dated and lacking much depth. But it does suit her and isn't intrusive or bad. Crazy is the other track that I've heard plenty of times, and it still rocks. I was kinda expecting the last two tracks (after Walkin' After Midnight) to kinda suck, but she's got a way of keeping you along for the ride.

Good stuff from start to finish 7.5/10

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2. What was the strangest/best/worst party you ever went to?
Prolly a party I had with some people I know
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