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  1. What Drum Heads to use
  2. Anyone here know anything about digital pianos? (Where's Rez when you need him?)
  3. piano lessons
  4. Need advice on music equipment!
  5. "Musical" ear problem
  6. New Instrument Technology
  7. Writing a piece for a High School band to play..k
  8. Playing for seniors
  9. What is this instrument?
  10. Legator Ninja Models
  11. Instrument Advice
  12. Wanting to learn an instrument.
  13. Please help! Just got a midi keyboard and have no idea what I'm doing.
  14. Solution for a drummer in a small space
  15. A 21st Century Guitar Masterpiece
  16. Self Online Learning ?
  17. How would you interact with digital audio plugins?
  18. Trying to find the best budget guitar, Hjelp
  19. MIDI guitar
  20. Playing Bass Guitar Again!!!
  21. Can a LES PAUL do metal?
  22. Problem with my bass guitar
  23. Analog or digital?
  24. Need help to identify the name and artist of this instrumental Rock song
  25. Is it a piano, filter, or something else?
  26. Last song you learned
  27. anyone have a link to a basic bass chart?
  28. Need help with my guitar tone
  29. Beat-Box Amp Solutions?
  30. Any good songs I can transcribe?
  31. Yamaha Original Adapters?
  32. Piano
  33. Acoustic or Bass Guitar?
  34. Desperately Need Help For Bias FX Based Live Rig
  35. Help A Noobie Drummer
  36. Pepa (instrument) - where to buy?
  37. Tuba problem...help
  38. Boss RC-300, looping vocals with focusrite 2i2?
  39. Need Help With a Short Drum Fill
  40. Help Identifying an Instrument
  41. Google Doodle - Theremin
  42. Name of instrument used in Edward Sharpe's Mayla?
  43. Trombone renovation
  44. Microphone help!
  45. Good dirty amps cheap?
  46. Need help regarding drums and strings.
  47. How to play the sax abrasively?
  48. This one's for Plank
  49. Advice
  50. What is your most beloved piece of equipment?
  51. Need Mentor
  52. Yamaha NP-31 Vs Korg Pa series
  53. My New Amp
  54. The Cool/Rare/Weird Instrument Appreciation Thread
  55. Electric strings on acoustic guitar?
  56. This one's for Plank and all the other slingers.
  57. anyone using Dunlop strings?
  58. Body Beat or even possibly an APP for drummers, etc.
  59. Drums beginner
  60. Help finding this instrumental!
  61. Acorn FP-1 vs. FP-2
  62. Question about a speaker
  63. Need Help Identifying Instrument
  64. Piano problem
  65. identifying an instrument
  66. Buying bass amp/head for gigging - help?
  67. Roland FP-50 output problem
  68. Who else uses a 3DS and iPad for performing music?
  69. Beginner guitar player, advice, experiences, opinions wanted
  70. HELP: I'm interested in buying a Keyboard Piano.
  71. What's your favorite instrument?
  72. Overdrive sucking tone from Big muff?
  73. Ibanez Artcore AS73T Hard Case
  74. What instrument is this? (Nightwish--Beauty of the Beast)
  75. Tuba Mouthpiece
  76. I Want to be a professional classical hornist, any tips would help
  77. How to dampen electronic drum kits.
  78. Give me some comment about this video (guitar + bamboo flute + cajon)
  79. How to learn Cajon Drum ?
  80. Raising funds for a stolen guitar.
  81. Any good keyboards/synths advice?
  82. For Every Musician Out There! I have Some Questions!
  83. guitar mic
  84. Anyone have any experience of Bagpipes?
  85. Problem with Zoom Pedal
  86. Help with converting guitar capo bar chords to piano
  87. Second hand instruments?
  88. guitar strings
  89. Which instrument after piano?
  90. Drum Beginner: Tips wanted
  91. a couple questions
  92. Using garageband, and ready to move on.
  93. Playing Instruments w/ Feeling
  94. Help for Better man by Jae Parks
  95. Pedal Blowout. Lots of cool stuff for sale.
  96. Guitar or bass
  97. Your History as a Musician
  98. Most Iconic Guitar in the History of Rock?
  99. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - An Old Staw Hat
  100. My Mayones Setius Guitar
  101. Fretless Bass
  102. Allan Holdsworth's new sig Guitar
  103. Guitar Theory Question!!??
  104. Synths and Other Fun Things
  105. Odd / Interesting Craigslist Instruments
  106. Quest for drumming immortality...ok i'll take competency
  107. It's Official
  108. Help for this guitar, thanks!
  109. Tell me why you love your gear?
  110. Top ten
  111. Making a rock instrumental.
  112. Any melodica players out there ?
  113. Getting Sponsorship while still on the Toilet Circuit
  114. How do you start learning guitar
  115. PA Issue
  116. First Act - Hello Kitty Guitar (Demo)
  117. Need help with Ableton Send effects.
  118. Lost Gibson SG! NYC!
  119. The Nyckelharpa
  120. Violin bass guitars
  121. Looking to buy a drum set
  122. What scale could be used for this progression? Em C D B
  123. Teaching Bass Lessons [Rock] - Suggestions & Advice
  124. Is music dyslexia a thing?
  125. what head to drive cabinet speaker please?
  126. How to sing?
  127. Opinions wanted:what do you think are the best electro-acoustic guitars, 300 - 600?
  128. Bass Guitar Learning Curve advice
  129. Reliable 12string on the cheap?
  130. My custom-made bass from start to finish
  131. Just got a saxophone, absolutely no experience.
  132. Musicians: Who Are Your Influences?
  133. Hey Plankton, check it out!
  134. new guitar string buzzing
  135. Favourite bass
  136. Launchkey for pianist?
  137. The most intimidated you've ever been?
  138. Sequencers
  139. The flute in Neil Diamond's 'Seongah And Jimmy'
  140. Setting up a Mustang bridge to stay in tune?
  141. Any Harpists Here?
  142. Question about singing
  143. What Instrument is Damon using here?
  144. Favorite brands/gear- research
  145. Clarinets
  146. Best Digital Guitar Multi effects for Live Gigs
  147. How you play AM7 on bass?
  148. High stringing a guitar
  149. What percussion instrument would best be suited for a "one man band"?
  150. Whats a good Melodica to buy
  151. Do instruments have syllables?
  152. Performance nervousness/anxiety?
  153. Raw Music Challenge
  154. small battery amp for busking-- pignose hog 20 ok?
  155. The best guitars to get.
  156. How to record digital audio from Korg Krome?
  157. Struggle to replace keys with guitar when doing covers (Happy, All of Me, etc)
  158. Now that's a COOL guitar!!!
  159. Boss RC-30 Looper Pedal | HELPPPPP PLEASE!
  160. Rain Song Guitar
  161. need some synth resources? any help is awesome
  162. Wangs amplifier
  163. Any Drummers here?
  164. The Cajon
  165. Help a clueless guy buy some pedals and a synth.
  166. Acoustic guitar and accessories
  167. Anyone here use Logic?
  168. Finger Picking to Strumming
  169. Iconic guitars
  170. Please explain this in terms of music for me..
  171. "Let her go" by Passenger sheet music
  172. Dumbass question about scales - please help!!
  173. I have questions?
  174. Hand-held vocal effects "pedal"?
  175. Synths, keyboards etc. ?
  176. How Much Whammy Do You Use?
  177. is this technically a panpipe
  178. How Important Is a Comp Pedal?
  179. I Just Dont Use Effects Anymore
  180. P-90's
  181. Can't Sell a Good Amp
  182. Any Other Old Yamaha Acoustic Owners?
  183. My newest amp.
  184. Question about pots
  185. What is this instrument?
  186. For those into keyboards/ synths with PC's
  187. Versatile cheapish guitar pedals/ effects
  188. Lap Steel Guitar
  189. singing + "complicated" strumming
  190. yamaha psr e343 vs casio ctk 3200???
  191. Any multi instrumentalists out there? - I need your input :)
  192. What do you know about the oud ?
  193. Yamaha P-105?
  194. The Age of Double Bass is Here
  195. The F chord sucks
  196. Buying my first workstation, help...
  197. privet or on-line collage courses.
  198. Buying my first melodica
  199. where can I sell instruments?
  200. Putting it all together?
  201. Tuba players. Any out there? Sousaphone?
  202. Alto saxophone to French horn.
  203. Need help with Vibrato.
  204. Tambourine
  205. Should I do Grades?
  206. Picking a new Guitar
  207. GIFT: Harmonica! ONE OR MORE? For beginners.
  208. Why do people give up so fast??
  209. Totally new to music..
  210. Jazz and classical piano
  211. Hammer ons/Pull offs
  212. changing pickups
  213. Beginning drums
  214. Tips on holding barre chords?
  215. The Future of Musical Instruments.
  216. Yamaha P-105?
  217. About M-audio keyboard
  218. just wondering...
  219. my new amp
  220. Are my dr dre beats real? Please help!
  221. Gigantic basses
  222. Picking the right key
  223. Buying a keyboard. Any suggestions?
  224. Roland FP50 volume problem
  225. Reel to Reel Tape Recorder
  226. Musical Keyboard Knowledge
  227. Advice for Hand Weakness?
  228. Please help: Music knowledge versus being able to make music?
  229. Stomp Box
  230. Bass probs
  231. My Flute Meanderings.
  232. Electric Drums vs Acoustic for recording
  233. Learning to play guitar?
  234. When you pick up a new instrument...
  235. What type of Guitar is this?
  236. Keyboard setting for cold tones
  237. What's is this instrument?
  238. What kind of harmonica do I have?
  239. Need help finding the perfect keyboard
  240. The Central Asian Origins of the Violin
  241. Instruments You Can Imitate
  242. Semi-Hollow and Hollow-body Electrics
  243. Yamaha/Casio Pianos
  244. Am I the Only Person Who Doesn't Use Ernie Ball Strings
  245. Cubase users?
  246. Piano Question
  247. Metal Guitars?
  248. DX7 yamaha
  249. Taylor GS Mini vs Big Baby vs Baby vs Little Martin
  250. How to make tune with flute

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