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  1. Help with recording vocals and guitar
  2. Old Soundcard
  3. Cubase or Ableton?
  4. Any Pro Tools Pros?
  5. Plugins for epic orchestral music
  6. Drone
  7. Power supply for guitar effects
  8. Amplify my electronic drums? powered active speaker?
  9. Mixers, mixing board
  10. Any good books out there about sound engeneering??
  11. Censoring a song
  12. MacBook Tips
  13. AMAZINGMIDI wav to MIDI wtf? no controll over BPM?
  14. Where to start with home recording? (Software, equipment. etc.)
  15. What are some alternative methods to power Samson S Direct Plus?
  16. Need Some Help Setting Up to Record Metal at Home with What I Have
  17. Need Recording Microphone Recommendations (extreme metal guitar)
  18. Converse Wah Pedal
  19. Oh the mud...
  20. Guitar Effects
  21. How does he get the sound?
  22. Home studio recording
  23. Problems with my Interface
  24. VG Music Production: MIDI Controller, Workstation, Arranger, Synthesizer, or Hybrid?
  25. should I master a track BEFORE I mix it??
  26. How to make a edm kick
  27. connecting a laptop to my amp
  28. Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphone - 17 hour battery life
  29. What are some of the best amps under $50?
  30. Wharfedale 10.1 VS Cambridge S30
  31. guitar amp into PA
  32. Equipment set up and alternatives
  33. Need Free Synth/Sampler VST for Black Metal (details in OP)
  34. Which would be best for experience?
  35. Preference or none?
  36. Controlling the Synth Massive Live
  37. EQ chhange gives me bad sound.
  38. In need of help with starting a music studio at home
  39. Rode Nt1 oder At2035?
  40. PreSonus Studio Monitors
  41. My music sounds unprofessional
  42. I need help making music
  43. Finding the Right Equalizer Settings
  44. Work with midi - Plugins
  45. Connecting two multi effects?
  46. How to use MIDI keyboards
  47. Software to COMPARE 2 songs for % similarity?
  48. I need help with post production!! :(
  49. HELP! post production issues
  50. what's better? recording quality or artistic delivery?
  51. Zoom G5 with Traynor Ironhorse tube amp
  52. Improving The Sound Quality Of Your System
  53. Studiologic Mididcontroller
  54. 9 month old amp not working
  55. Making A Home Studio
  56. Help with cakewalk 7, a little glitch
  57. Beats Headphones Teardown
  58. Digital VS analog recording equipment on releases
  59. A software recognizing recorded notes?
  60. Opinions...Loudest unwanted noise in the world!
  61. Best Software to make dubstep?
  62. Cubase 7.5 problem, exporting to WMA crashes, something to do with VST bridge
  63. Music Software or Websites for Remixing?!
  64. Home Studio Equipment
  65. What are you guys using to record?
  66. Excel Music Management
  67. Gear Setup ***Help Thread***
  68. dropping tuning from 440 A to 432 A... how in cool edit?
  69. Car Stereo's
  70. jam space issues
  71. Getting Gigs
  72. Some assistance please
  73. Connecting AMP to PC
  74. Want to start making my own music, and completely clueless! Give a hand?
  75. Acoustic Act PA Rig
  76. How to convert analog sound to a midi sound patch?
  77. In-Ear
  78. How Do I Start?
  79. Advise on Improving Production
  80. Guitar -> Distortion -> Preamp -> Interface/Mixer... How will it sound?
  81. Guitar repair and or lutheir ?
  82. Bass Guitar Problems
  83. Amp get really crazy help!
  84. Technical help please.
  85. Native Instruments Komplete 10 - Routing Issue?
  86. Looking for a program...
  87. MIDI and Soundcard help?
  88. How to do playback/backing tracks Live?
  89. Pro Tools Help Thread
  90. Help with lyric apps
  91. Obsessed with our live sound!
  92. getting started on becoming a producer?
  93. Advice for rookie wanting to record solo music
  94. What's a good PA system for multiple vocalists?
  95. Need Suggestions - Powerpoint?
  96. Need help in recording with mixer
  97. Searching a somewhat simple music program to create music with
  98. Best Portable CD Bombox
  99. The audiocard thread
  100. Boss FS-5U unlatching pedal stopped working... HELP WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED :)
  101. Headphones!?
  102. Recording Info needed
  103. Recording info
  104. I Just Bought a Cassette To USB Player
  105. Boss DS-1
  106. Easy way to record music /w a PA system
  107. Recommend me a good sampler?
  108. (Help!) Ableton Live9: Adding Drums
  109. Music software advices
  110. Recording Apps for I-Phone?
  111. I need help with my Sony speakers...
  112. Recommend me a good pair of monitors...
  113. Help with setting up MIDI-USB connection
  114. Need help with new Yamaha psr-16
  115. Which Earbuds Do I Choose?
  116. Hello & PA setup advice
  117. Math rock... bass?
  118. Which earphones to buy?
  119. Need help urgently - Where to get mineral wool/egg foam in UK? Making window plugs
  120. Need Help Refining Amplitube3 Metal Sound...
  121. Dad almost Blind, Need help with his music please!
  122. How to set up a jam room/studio
  123. What is so special about Vinyls anyway? ;)
  124. Retro microphones
  125. Midi
  126. HD500 or HD300, guitar players?
  127. What's your live setup and what style do you play?
  128. Adding subwoofer to different speakers
  129. Looking for an iPhone music player app that does something very simple
  130. Turntables
  131. Help with some tips
  132. Sound generators?
  133. Is this a decent setup for a keyboard player in a band?
  134. Recording sequencer app
  135. Headphone advice?
  136. How to record a song?
  137. What would you recommend to record drums with?
  138. Which music maker PC software should I get? (new artist)
  139. Boss RC-30
  140. Beginning Making Midi Music
  141. Acoustic Guitar Recording - Mic Choices
  142. Acoustically Boosting Bass?
  143. Cellular Phone Ampitheatre/Band Stand
  144. Navigating the "Loudness War" and etc..
  145. A Bit of Mic Delay, PLEASE HELP
  146. recording studio setup.
  147. A small guide on how to listen to high quality music spending very little money.
  148. Audio interface in 150$ to record vocals and bass guitar+setting up a home studio
  149. About getting a sound card
  150. Guitar sound on a keyboard
  151. Getting into music... what should I get?
  152. Gorilla GB-30.. Worth it?
  153. Old School Tech Corner
  154. noob questions!
  155. Recording guitar
  156. Format ripping software?
  157. BehringerX1222USB equalizer
  158. Uneven sound distribution on speakers...?
  159. Help with making own distortion pedal
  160. Standalone Record Player
  161. Synching loop pedal with drums
  162. Garageband test and recording advices request
  163. Good quality inexpensive microphones
  164. HELP. Electro-Voice Raven vs Behringer C1 or Other low $ Mic?
  165. Bass Cabinet Connections
  166. A cheap PA system..?
  167. Help choosing a Microphone!
  168. backing tracks
  169. Professional Mic & Pre-Amp
  170. Bass Amp Upgrade
  171. Review of the Sonos Wireless Speaker System
  172. Bass to Amp to Computer
  173. Looking for mix advice
  174. Need a little help.
  175. NEED HELP firguring out what gear to buy to get started in electronic music
  176. Amp Suggestions
  177. Shure PG42 USB Mic~
  178. Fender 1981 Pro Reverb
  179. Set up help
  180. help with Creating a "dive/drop" effect with midi!
  181. Info. on this phonograph
  182. Alternatives For Boss SE-50 (Industrial)
  183. Investing Passive Speakers From Another Country
  184. What is Mon on a console?
  185. Finale PrintMusic Audio Units: The HD Simulator
  186. Backing Tracks Software?
  187. Writing another paper on mixing boards
  188. Yamaha HS50s
  189. iPad/iPhone/iPod touch music gear and apps
  190. Hughes & Kettner CL-152 PA Speakers
  191. EQ melodica
  192. help with hip hop and ableton
  193. Virtual MIDI Keyboards?
  194. Need help understading Mics, Preamps & Popshields!
  195. How To edit vocals on either mixcraft or adobe Audition
  196. Homemade Pedals?
  197. Recording vocals HELP?!
  198. Best way to adapt a microphone for computer
  199. Upgrade from St55
  200. Orchestra Sound Packs?
  201. Turntable Help
  202. Loop Station
  203. Speakers for a dorm room
  204. Trying to record vocals...
  205. Help with equip to gig a digital piano
  206. Light Sequencer
  207. Has anyone tried Dubturbo?
  208. Dual use Speaker setup to have volume to play with a full band ?
  209. Recording Studio
  210. New Member A Simple Song Needs Editing
  211. Having problems setting up for recording!
  212. Live Sound Setup Help (mixer/pa/instruments))
  213. Studio speakers - what are some good brands?
  214. What are some good brands for interface/recording software?
  215. Help with amature recordings?
  216. MIDI Problem With Sustain Pedal
  217. Saving music on the Yamaha MO8
  218. Playing Backing Tracks Live
  219. Jeskola Buzz
  220. GarageBand app for iPhone
  221. New speaker suggestions
  222. Cakewalk Pyro Audio creator help
  223. Audio
  224. Over the ear Headphones. Need serious help!!
  225. Beginners recording software
  226. top music production software
  227. Electronic live set upfor an idiot
  228. Guitar Rig 3 Trouble
  229. MR8mkII Data transfer Delema...Help!
  230. Producing, Recording, Mixing & Mastering Support
  231. Computer As A Midi Controller For A Synth?
  232. 'L' shaped studio, any design ideas?
  233. Help with new bass stack
  234. What's Production?
  235. 10's or a 15's inch speakers cabinet?
  236. Bass amp
  237. Crate Acoustic Review?
  238. Music sequencer query
  239. Picking up a radio station
  240. GarageBand Alternatives?
  241. headphone volume on laptop whilst playing music is far too low?
  242. Need to get a louder bass amp, not sure where to start
  243. interface for guitar recording??
  244. electronic music
  245. New to recording
  246. Boss Gt -10 VS Line 6 POD HD 500
  247. Home recording.
  248. Low-key Recording Equipment.
  249. Need Suggestions On How To Mic Drums
  250. Projectors?

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