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  1. Guess the Song!
  2. The Bump-and-Blitz Game
  3. Make a poetic story using only band names.
  4. What Really happened in Christmas History
  5. Solitare anyone?
  6. Racing anyone?
  7. Is Lucem Ferre A Sexy Kitty?
  8. Jesus or Satan?
  9. Addicting little game....
  10. Post your last ten Google searches...
  11. Name that tune?
  12. Worst attempted genre leaps
  13. The Darker Side of Nursery Rhymes
  14. Communicate Only in Album Titles
  15. Communicate Through Album Covers
  16. Mondo + Ori
  17. Choose Your Own Banter
  18. Love and Hate
  19. "Without MB I would...."
  20. An Awfully Big MB Adventure
  21. How Obscure is Your Taste?
  22. Weird/Awesome Historical Figures
  23. Predict the Future
  24. You're not the true Chula Vista, until...
  25. AvyQuest 2017
  26. The Punishment Zone
  27. The Gargoyles/Conan The Barbarian Mashup Contest
  29. The Reanimator/Homeward Bound Mashup Contest
  30. The RoboCop/Conan The Barbarian Mashup Contest
  31. Let's make a story. Everyone gets one word per post. I'll start.
  32. Dr. Spooner's All-time Musical Favourites
  33. Toilet Paper: Undershot or Overshot?
  34. Good Band Vs Bad Band
  35. Make Your Own Conspiracy Theory
  36. Overrated/Underrated
  37. Share your Google Beats
  38. Are you a loner or a party guy (or girl)?
  39. Gaysex
  40. Battle of the unfunnies
  41. Old Testament God or New Testament God?
  42. Music Banter Survivor Season 2: Team Edition
  43. Interest check: Musicbanter Survivor Season 2
  44. Lyric Links: another boring Trollheart game
  45. Draw yourself badly in MS Paint
  46. What do They Listen to?
  47. Two Truths and a Lie
  48. Most Obscure: the Music Banter Challenge
  49. Music Banter Survivor
  50. Lumosity: Brain Games & Brain Training
  51. Should posts in the Lounge count?
  52. Should Chula Stop Posting in the Trump Thread?
  53. Have you been sigged?
  54. Cheech vs Chong
  55. The Album Title Chain Game
  56. Who Dunnit?
  57. Jokes robbed from TV or movies
  58. The Batlord's 20,000 Post Name Change Extravaganza!!!
  59. Personality Test (MBTI based)
  60. Musical Montage Mystery
  61. Describe a Genre/Artist/Band In 6 or Fewer Words
  62. Old School Video Games That Need A Reboot
  63. Describe an anime with a Spongebob Quote
  64. Comedy Film Builder
  65. How Much Of A Feminist Are You?
  66. Fill In The Blanks
  67. Tattoos versus Marionettes Celebrity Smackdown
  68. Questions about music
  69. What The Next Batman Movie Should Be
  70. Live Album Builder.
  71. Creative Writing Competition 2k16
  72. Try to describe the music
  73. 0 ab
  74. Street Names
  75. Music Banter Auditions
  76. Best Anime Films Builder
  77. Name a Movie Rate a Movie
  78. Best Anime Shows Builder
  79. I've gone from researching Music to Beer
  80. Which Piece of Art is More Expensive?
  81. choose a lyric to describe the user above you
  82. Let Satan into your heart
  83. Do You Give a **** About Drinking Stale Beer from Two Days Ago? (Hint: I don't)
  84. communicate only in pictures...
  85. Create the Subgenre!
  86. Is This a Joint or a Blunt?
  87. Would you eat a**?
  88. Name That Solo Game (now streaming)
  89. Just curious...
  90. Pick a new username for me
  91. Capulet V.S. Montague
  92. Find an avatar for the person above you
  93. Guess the solos?
  94. I wish someone had told me...
  95. Crap/ Not Crap
  96. My New Avatar vs. Trollheart's Ultra-Lame One
  97. The Roast of MusicBanter Members
  98. GTA V - Online
  99. Make The Batlord Do Stuff
  100. Who wants to be a point millionaire?
  101. Vote for the President of Music Banter
  102. What Are You More Proud Of? The Smell of Your Farts, or the Smell of Your Sh*t?
  103. Vermin Supreme 4 prez
  104. Who namechecks who the most?
  105. Photoshop Extravaganza!!! :?
  106. 5 Signs That You're Ugly
  107. Frownland's Aleoteric Advice Arena
  108. Make a Meme Out of Member Pictures
  109. A Poll for The Batlord
  110. Most Useless Mod
  111. Who Is More Hipster? Exo or Frownland?
  112. ban cis
  113. Online Forum Etiquette
  114. Communicate only in GIFS
  115. Rate the overall appearence of the poster above you
  116. Should Ki change his name to Kikikikiki
  117. Rate the signature above yours
  118. Should The Batlord change his username to The Buttlord?
  119. The "Dear Batlord..." Thread
  120. "[Your Name] the Hedgehog"
  121. Let's Try And Make This The Worst Thread In History
  122. Should Briks Change His Username Back to Briks?
  123. Mod for a day.
  124. Favourite (or least favourite) avatars
  125. Chess
  126. The Fingering Game
  127. Save ten musicians!
  128. Your Favorite Quotes!
  129. Does the EAS (Emergency Alert System) creep you out?
  130. Album Art Game
  131. Robots?
  132. Music Charades
  133. NationStates.net
  134. Chula's iTunes Bingo
  135. Early 70's Pop Bingo
  136. **** baloney sandwitches, **** Turkey sandwiches, it's all about that salmon
  137. **** Turkey Every Day, It's All About That Bologna
  138. A New Jive Turkey Everyday
  139. A New Turkey Sandwich Everyday
  140. Make sentences from only band names
  141. Anyone Feel Like Worshiping Thor?
  142. Never Ending Story: Add Three Words
  143. The MB Family
  144. Unsuitable jobs for animals
  145. Say something nice about the person above you
  146. What Star Trek character does the person above you remind you of?
  147. Japan Kicks Ass!
  148. Things People Say Wrong
  149. Say Something About The Person Above You (in a sarcastic tone)
  150. Three words to describe members
  151. The Decade Mixtapes
  152. The Wars Wars
  153. The Question Game
  154. If you were a serial killer...
  155. Come up with a better username than "Briks"
  156. MemberMerge
  157. Is Everyone on MusicBanter At Least Just a Little Bit of an *******?
  158. Use "That 70's Show" Quotes To Describe The Person Above You
  159. Love / Hate
  160. Choose a Member
  161. Shoot the person above you
  162. Neverland
  163. Friday the Thirteenth!
  164. A story...
  165. The 'Draw Childish Graffiti Over Album Covers' Thread
  166. Biggest Forum Windbag
  167. Alphabetical Album Title
  168. Alphabetical Bands
  169. Song Title Game
  170. Change One Letter Word Game
  171. Next Poster
  172. Linked Words
  173. How Will the Person Above You Die In a Horror Movie?
  174. The Official Batlord Thread
  175. reccomend a song similar to the song above you.
  176. Arcade Fire Builder
  177. Help me find a better avatar
  178. Post in the style of another member
  179. Write a poem about the person above you
  180. The Cliche Thread
  181. My custom-made bass from start to finish
  182. The Ongoing Adventures of Florida Man & Woman
  183. Your tombstone
  184. Write a Biography of the Person Above You
  185. The Music Genre Game
  186. 5 good characters and 5 evil characters
  187. The Unf*ckable Batlord
  188. What's Your Elf Name
  189. Why Will Our Marriage Not Work?
  190. Christmas Gif(t)s
  191. Favourite thing game
  192. Inside the Actors Studio Questionnaire
  193. Rock Anthems Bingo
  194. King of the hill
  195. The haiku game
  196. What's your blues name?
  197. How many squares do you count?
  198. Name that Transformer...
  199. The Experimental Thread
  200. Dumb Posts 1st Time Posters Make In Innapropriate Threads
  201. The Necrothread Game
  202. Acronym game?
  203. Ask The Next Person A Question Game
  204. Let's All Come Up with a Less ****ty Username for Wpnfire
  205. Alphabet of Music Artists
  206. **** That Music Banter Members Say
  207. Mafia - Forum/Skype Game
  208. Give or Receive?
  209. Rate the song above you
  210. A song for every occasion!
  211. Quizzes
  212. True or false?
  213. Simulacra, mirages and chimera
  214. Corrupt a song
  215. Stupid Is As Stupid Does
  216. Theatre robot
  217. Replace a word from a book title with "penis"
  218. #firstworldproblems
  219. Finish a quote with "...the in their pajamas."
  220. Replace a word of a song title with the word "penis"
  221. you as a sonic the hedgehog character
  222. replace a word from a movie title with 'penis'
  223. write the first thing that comes to mind about the person above you
  224. Happy Birthday Burning Down!!
  225. Whenever you feel dumb...
  226. Things That Make You Laugh But Shouldn't
  227. musical torture
  228. Battenburg
  229. Help me pick a bass
  230. How will the person above you die?
  231. Corrupt A Wish
  232. Put an MB member into a verse of "Piano man"
  233. What's Keith Richards dancing to?
  234. Music Pictionary
  235. Truth or Dare
  236. Factory of Faith LOL!!
  237. Things that make you feel old
  238. Worst thread ever on MB
  239. The Music Banter Fantasy Matchmaker
  240. buyourvotes.com
  241. Musical graffiti
  242. do u hate tobey mcguire?
  243. Dad Jokes
  244. how eould u win the the hunger games???
  245. Stranded!
  246. Stuff Wars
  247. whats some good ways to celebrate women history month?
  248. Do you prefer X or Y?
  249. Musical Deathmatch III
  250. God I miss....

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