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  1. Polish Music, brought to you by Yac
  2. Alo's Flamenco Journal
  3. The Men Who Drew the Map of the World: Trollheart's History of World Exploration
  4. The Identity Matrix Presents: The Genre Dive
  5. Lights Down Low: Trollheart's Journal of Ballads and Slow Songs
  6. Getting Wasted With Style: Frownland's Beer Journal
  7. Ke$ha: Party at a Broke Dude's Journal
  8. Winter is Coming: Trollheart's "Game of Thrones" Journal
  9. A Classy B*stard's 9 to 5
  10. Trollheart presents: the Open Journal
  11. Music to Fill the Gaping Hole in Your Heart Left by the Dripping Phallus of Absurdity
  12. It's a Philly Jawn, Y'all
  13. Funtasmagoria: Trollheart's History of Cartoons
  14. Elphenor talks postpunk and indie because he's too cool
  15. Overture: Trolheart's Classical Music Journal
  16. The Couch Potato presents: Trollheart's Box Office
  17. Tristan's Sob Story: A Journey Through Emo and Power Punk
  18. Machine+: A Barren Land of Ego Induced Rants and Musical Appreciation
  19. Ki's Top Whatever Hip Hop Albums of 2016 (And Prior)
  20. Qwertyy's Top 20 Albums of the Year
  21. A Musical Endeavor
  22. The White Noise Gallery
  23. The Devil's Dancefloor
  24. A Journey Through The Mind of a Loner: A Kiiii Story
  25. Gods of Timbre
  26. Four Green Fields: Trollheart's History of Ireland
  27. Encyclopędia Saladica
  28. Racing the Clouds Home: Trollheart's Prog Rock Journal
  29. Malleus Trollheartus: Trollheart's Heavy Metal Journal
  30. Kiiii's List of 50 Post-Rock Albums You Need To Hear Right Now
  31. 1blankmind Does Whatever He Damn Well Pleases
  32. Grindy's Unmentionables
  33. Let's Build Loren (the albums that have shaped my life)
  34. In Case You Forgot About Fun: 100 Pop Albums You Should Probably DL
  35. Reviewing every single album on my shelf!
  36. The quest for car!
  37. Kiiii's Music Hall
  38. Working out with music
  39. Kedvesem and her LPUC scale
  40. Untitled
  41. On a Music Odyssey
  42. How Not to Write a Journal
  43. Silhouette's Sounds
  44. Frownland Tackles the Bull****
  45. JTF's Own Personal Artistic Hell Gauntlet
  46. The Rock Album Survivor Reviews Thread
  47. Into the Deepest Abysses of Music
  48. The Batlord's Attempt at a Life of StarCraft
  49. Lhix's Basket of Discolored Grayscale Balls
  50. The Chelly Chronicles: Miss Vennicoe's Music Journal
  51. [Journal Index]: The Master List
  52. My Exploration into 2016
  53. Mon journal politique
  54. Tristan Geoff's Post-Hardcore Extravaganza
  55. Horror's Horror
  56. Technic's Corner
  57. The Identity Matrix Domain
  58. A little back then with now
  59. Lucky girl's music journal.
  60. 100 albums worthy of your time
  61. A Trip Through Americana
  62. The Batlord's Kitchen Sink Journal of Anything and Everything He Wants to Write About
  63. Overcast's Music Journal
  64. Qwertyy's Journal of Music Reviews and Other Assorted Ramblings
  65. Trollheart's Theme Park
  66. Goofle posts unreal bangers and maybe talks about them if he stops grooving for a sec
  67. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die - bob.'s Edition
  68. Trollheart takes on "1001 Metal Albums You Must Hear Before You Die"
  69. The Extensive History of Music
  70. Experimental Music on Spotify Worth Checking Out
  71. Pop or Flop?
  72. Batty & TH Watch a Bunch of ****ing Batman: The Animated Series
  73. DeadChannel's Filmmaking Journal
  74. The Batlord's Manowar Discography: Hell on Music Banter
  75. AOR: The Journal
  76. Music Banterus: A Fantasy Epic
  77. Mega Angst: My Odyssey (Screw This, I'm Leavin)
  78. Qwertyy's Genre Exploration
  79. Fiddler's Adventures On Patrol
  80. Plainview's Musical Odyssey - 20 Pieces of Music That Deserve Your Attention.
  81. Chascoso's Wacky Journal.
  82. Urban's 'All New' Doctor Who Thing
  83. Mr. Music (or '100 albums worthy of stealing your time')
  84. Top 1000 Artists/Bands and Artist/Band of the week
  85. Retro gems: From NES to the PS
  86. The Madhatter and The Knucklehead : Exo's Musings
  87. Indices to Trollheart's Journals: check here if you're looking for something
  88. I Just Smell Funny
  89. The Lady's Comprehensive Guide to Sparks
  90. The Journal Of Robbe264
  91. Kiiii's Arcade
  92. Frowning in the Darkroom
  93. Madness of Art
  94. I Can Tell By That Look in Your Eye: Toto reviewed 1978-2015
  95. Of Gods and Men: Trollheart's Journal of Mythology and Legend
  96. Jade's journal yh
  97. Don't read this, there's no point it's dumb...
  98. Powerstars's Video Reviews
  99. Echoes of Antiquity
  100. My Opinions
  101. aux-in's Collection: [The Electronic Continuum]
  102. Sounds from Innerspace
  103. -=-=-=Norg's Journal-=-=-=-
  104. The In-Tray: A Collaborative Workspace for Journal Authors
  105. Blood and Diamonds: A High Energy Story
  106. DeadChannel's Year of Music
  107. I know what I like: Trollheart's History of Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal
  108. Trollheart takes on "1001 Albums you must hear before you die"
  109. In the Belly of the Blackdragon
  110. Our Feature Presentation
  111. Grindy's Forgotten Music
  112. Forgotten Albums From My Music Collection
  113. Josef K's Favorite Albums, Year-By-Year
  114. In Melomania: Chascoso's Wacky Journal
  115. Vanilla's Journal: MB Members Defined By A Britney Spears Song
  116. Trollheart presents: The Showroom
  117. The One Where Machine Becomes Egotistical
  118. Moss comes Alive at Leeds and gets his Ya-Ya's out
  119. Stuck in the Garage...
  120. Overcast's Music Journal of Stuff and Thangs
  121. Machine's Monthly Musical Madness
  122. Psy-Fi's Sights & Sounds
  123. WD's Hella Sick Journal of Undisputable Radness
  124. Anteater's Yacht Rock Extravaganza
  125. 50 Albums That I Believe Are Worth Listening To At Least Once
  126. Chula's Albums - The Early Years
  127. Living with a Schizophrenic
  128. Trollheart's Futureshock: Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and the world of 2000 AD
  129. Reluctant Adventures In Music I Don't Like...
  130. Star Drek: Trollheart and The Batlord's Star Trek Voyager Slapfest!
  131. My Album/Song Of The Day
  132. The Scrap Heap
  133. - Log files for Weekend Astronauts -
  134. Witty Titles Are For People With Journals Worth Reading
  135. The Elusive World of Post Modern Rock
  136. A Place, But Unlike Other Places
  137. Uprooting - Pet_Sounds' deeper exploration of folk in its various forms
  138. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die - Music Banter Edition album index
  139. Watch as The Batlord Descends Into Comic Book Nerd Oblivion
  140. Goofle's Top 10 Albums From (most) Years: 1963-2016
  141. Sidewinder's Top 10 Albums from Every Year (1965-)
  142. Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
  143. Comet's Musical Journey Journal
  144. Wpnfire? Who's Wpnfire?!'s Journal
  145. Planktons - What The Hell Am I Listening To?
  146. Reworking Musical History: Jazz, Soul, and Hip Hop Samples
  147. Cicatrices' The Black Sound.
  148. The Sane Psycho's Journal Of Psychotic Sanity
  149. Music journal for Franco Pepe Kalle
  150. Through the Telescope: Astronomer's Music Journal
  151. Sailor-Mouthed Seeker of Sound
  152. A life unraveled: My musical journey
  153. A Nightmare on Jazz Street : Trollheart's Voyage into the World of Jazz. And Blues.
  154. Stuck on a Frownapilago
  155. At The Back With The Safety Scissors And Glue - A Journal by Tristesse
  156. The "Lyric Without Music" Daily Review
  157. GuitarBizarre pontificates endlessly on matters of little importance
  158. Tutti-Frutti! Silenzio's Colourful Mix of Music
  159. Totosama's music journal
  160. Pandora's Box!
  161. Ki's Journal for Terrible Albums
  162. Aged and Mellowed
  163. Songs I Found That I Like
  164. Songs That Shape a Life: YorkeDaddy Gets Personal
  165. I Know You Want the, D!
  166. The Scene of Screen 13
  167. Urban's Journal Of Comedy Shaped Vegetables
  168. Neapolitan's Favorite Debut Albums
  169. Goofle11's Twenty Fourteen Listening Log
  170. Putting It Into Words: Why the heck do I love this stuff?
  171. The Unquiet Grave
  172. The Art of Songcraft
  173. Ambient RnB
  174. Straight Outta the Coffin!
  175. Therapy is for ****s
  176. The Poseur Cave
  177. Heavy Music
  178. Trollheart's Psychic Album Reviews
  179. hip hop artists/groups that 216 has learned of from random plug.dj sessions
  180. The 26 Best Sabbath Tracks
  181. Entering Infinity
  182. A Tree's Romp Through Neofolk
  183. The Nostalgic Time Line of Paradox and Music
  184. exploring emo bands by 216
  185. Entering Las Vegas
  186. The Anthill 2.0: Albums, Artists & The Chance To Win A Million Dollars!
  187. Diluted: Creating the Next Indie Pop Masterpiece
  188. A Glimpse Inside The Mind of a Chameleon.
  189. An Alien Observer
  190. Crazy Veg Likes. . .
  191. YorkeDaddy Revisists Albums He Used to Hate
  192. Classic Albums I have never heard
  193. Urban Looks At Melody Makers End Of Year Album Lists 1979-2000
  194. A Song By Song Look at High Fidelity
  195. I'm Here Today, Expect It To Stay On - Ki's Journal of Music
  196. Powerstar's Thought-Filled Barf Of Musicalness
  197. scleaves' Early Music Career
  198. Screen's 66-69 Rare Single and Album of the Day!
  199. Ghost Mall Music
  200. The Phanastasio's Journal
  201. Psyche's Journal of Cool Stuff
  202. Phonographic Memory
  203. My life in music....
  204. The Batlord Listens to Random **** and Talks About It
  205. my [uncreative title] journal.
  206. If You Want Your Journal Approved Quickly....
  207. An Equivocal Flail aka The American Dream
  208. Send Me An Album And I'll Review It! (Powerstars Edition)
  209. Whiskey's Album Reviews Thread
  210. j_c Takes On the Favorite Artists of Yesterday and Today!!
  211. Gavin B.'s Warehouse of Songs
  212. The Couch Potato: Trollheart's Televisual and Cinematic Emporium
  213. The Batcave: Where The Batlord Sits On His Bat-Throne Plotting His Bat-Schemes
  214. A Night in the Life of the Invisible Man
  215. Killuminati, Arab Money and a Semester Abroad.
  216. For_Tomorrow's Music Journal
  217. Seven Obscure Guitar Players
  218. Rabbiting On: Big Ears' Journal
  219. 31 days of halloween
  220. Pounding Decibels- A Hard and Heavy History
  221. The Regular and Unexceptional World of Goofle11
  222. Geekoid's World of Music
  223. Psychedelia
  224. Anteater's Muzak 101: Legitimizing Smooth Jazz For The Unwashed Masses
  225. My Official Opinion On...
  226. Bitesize: Trollheart's Daily Album Mini-Reviews
  227. Keepin It Soft
  228. Ego Tripping
  229. Shapeshifting - Chrysalis' Journal
  230. Weekly random recommendations from some guy
  231. Ki: Schizo
  232. Reviews, Religion and Rage: Salami's Journal
  233. Time & Place
  234. My Lo-Fi Journal
  235. Distortion
  236. Building Myself
  237. Tales from the Jam Room
  238. I Am Music
  239. Testosterone Therapy: SATCHMO Waxes Nostalgic on 80's Glam Metal
  240. Live Transmission - My life as a transgendered musician
  241. A list.
  242. 1960 met 1963
  243. Just Can't Keep My Filthy Hands Of Your Piece Of Mind - Bob's Guide To Noise Rock
  244. My personal musical evolution.
  245. Another 100 Albums List
  246. Blarobbarg's Thread For Insane Blatherings (Also, Music)
  247. A Thread Dedicated to My Semi-Nonsensical Rantings About Music That I Enjoy (or Hate)
  248. Ashbery's Journal
  249. A Nice Guy's Music Musings
  250. Wherein Surell Makes Connections

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