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  1. Slayer vs. Overkill?
  2. Heavy Metal Zionism
  3. Anglophone vs Francophone metal
  4. Interest check: The Random Metal Album Club?
  5. Right wing rock
  6. Cocaine Taxi. I don't understand anything
  7. Genre Ambassadors/Representatives
  8. Question Metallica Blackened
  9. Your favorite Uli Jon Roth-era Scorpions song?
  10. Is Pantera overrated or not?
  11. Rock and Roll: Very Simple Music
  12. W.A.S.P - glam metal or heavy metal?
  13. Is the album "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" heavy metal?
  14. Heaviest most brutal music genre?
  15. What is your favourite Metal genre?
  16. Liturgy's Aesthethica is a good album
  17. Cryptopsy
  18. Kate Bush vs. Peter Gabriel
  19. Battle of hard rock albums from 1979: Lovedrive or Van Halen II?
  20. What was the first 'heavy metal' album?
  21. Is Judas Priest the most consistent band of all time?
  22. Godflesh
  23. Sdbm
  24. Trollheart's Comprehensive Guide to Iron Maiden
  25. Y&T -hard rock or heavy metal.
  26. Ogre Battle better than the vast majority of Queen hits?
  27. Is Deep Purple song Speed King heavy metal?
  28. Classic Brazilian thrash.
  29. Albums by Metal Solo artists
  30. 70's or 80's Judas Priest?
  31. USA underground thrash metal bands were better than Kreator/Sodom
  32. Progressive groove metal band named Legendary??
  33. The Big Four
  34. Best metal demos
  35. Band Eagles on RYM?
  36. What is the most important aspect of a metal song to you?
  37. How would you rate Satyicon's new Album?
  38. Symphonic metal: Epica vs. Within Temptation
  39. Metal bands from Colorado?
  40. Metal Albums You're Not Digging
  41. Why does Europe have a better metal scene than America?
  42. Traditional metal gems
  43. Led Zeppelin vs Spinal Tap
  44. Any Lacuna Coil fans?
  45. Question for the hardcore metal heads.
  46. InstruMETALS
  47. my top 10 songs and guitar solos of all time
  48. Death Metal Album Club
  49. Why Florida is better than All Your ****hole States
  50. The Ironic Metal Thread
  51. Is Devin Townsend a Knob?
  52. Top 10 Underrated Thrash Metal Albums
  53. The real Black Metal
  54. Best guitarists in hard rock and heavy metal
  55. Attempting to inject PROG lurv in this forum.
  56. Trance - The Loser Strikes Back
  57. Need help finding a very specific metal band
  58. Folk metal without black metal vocals
  59. Integrity vs. Ringworm
  60. Asia: John Wetton or John Payne era?
  61. Three reasons why sex sucks compared to Overkill.
  62. Muse vs.Radiohead song?
  63. Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time
  64. Seether
  65. Let's Discuss Linkin Park!
  66. Anyone who likes Warped Tour Type Bands?
  67. Nothing But Thieves anyone?
  68. Can anyone describe the stylistic difference between older/newer Foo Fighters albums?
  69. Swmrs
  70. Future
  71. Surf Rock
  72. Monolithic Music
  73. Chris Cornell dies at 52
  74. penis envy is a hell of a drug exo
  75. Help me find this song
  76. Music Timecapsules
  77. Is this band metal, or what?
  78. What song is the epitome of heavy metal for you?
  79. Challenge: Message In A Bottle played with a message and a bottle
  80. Ugliest Musician?
  81. Classic US Christian thrash metal
  82. New York Dolls VS British glam rock bands?
  83. Big Lebowski - I hate the ****in' Eagles?
  84. Favorite song on Deep Purple album Machine Head?
  85. 80's album clash: Appetite for Destruction VS 1984?
  86. Devo - the worst band from new wave/post punk scene?
  87. Trying to find a song.
  88. The Official **** Dragonforce thread
  89. Smashing Pumpkins or Oasis?
  90. Map of Metal
  91. Bent knee
  92. Most heavy, intense, insane grindcore, noise and avant garde metal?
  93. Most underrated band in the Universe
  94. Rush getting drunk.
  95. Maryland Deathfest 2017
  96. Can I get a Fvck Lars Ulrich?
  97. I've heard this riff(?) used in many TV documentaries.
  98. The Modern Wave of Death Metal
  99. Metal ABC
  100. Your Favourite Metal Songs
  101. Enigma or Rush?
  102. 5 Favourite Rush Albums (Inclusive Version)
  103. 5 Favorite Rush Albums
  104. AMY LEE - "Speak To Me"
  105. Song suggestions required for band
  106. Heaviest Moments in Metal
  107. The Lemmy Tribute thread
  108. Starting a Band!
  109. Interesting metal collabs
  110. Long Lost Red Hot Chili Peppers Song.
  111. Top 10 Thrash Albums (One Artist Per List)
  112. Please help me!!!
  113. Fit For Rivals
  114. Best Earth album?
  115. I'm looking for instrumental of song
  116. Rotting Christ
  117. Mike friggin' Patton
  118. Funeral Doom for the living
  119. The time I didn't meet the Van Halen brothers
  120. The time I got to hang with the Van Halen brothers
  121. Cheesy Metal Album Covers
  122. Wuthering Heights - The Shadow Cabinet
  123. Karnivool - Sound Awake
  124. Fair Warning or Rocks?
  125. God Lives Underwater
  126. Guns and Roses concert
  127. I need help with finding new music
  128. Dominion Caligula - A New Era Rises
  129. Is Green Day a band for kids and not for adults?
  130. Visceral Bleeding - Absorbing the Disarray
  131. Pre-1984 era Whitesnake pretty underrated in the USA?
  132. Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions
  133. Woe - A Spell for the Death of Man
  134. Heartbreaker songs?
  135. Peter Gabriel-era Genesis or Fish-era Marillion?
  136. Help with my music genre
  137. Metallica and Maiden albums clash
  138. Grindcore and Powerviolence You Should Know Because it Rules
  139. The Batlord's Anti-Poseur Thread of Metal for People Who Aren't Bitch Made Pussies
  140. Classic Metal Wars!
  141. What's your favourite thing about being a Metal fan?
  142. Do you get such a big hype around Eddie Van Halen?
  143. Why is band Eagles rated low on the RYM site?
  144. By This Axe REVEREND BIZARRE Rules!
  145. Metal/Rock music & Girls, what do you think?
  146. Music Recommendations for a New***
  147. Why Brits are ignorant towards a band Aerosmith?
  148. The Official Dead Cross Thread
  149. Blizzard of Ozz v Holy Diver
  150. In the Woods...
  151. Here's a Little Mathcore Survivor
  152. Your Top 10 Metal Albums
  153. The grunge album of your choice?
  154. Kevin Mcleod rollin at 5 original song?
  155. Iron Maiden or Kill'em All?
  156. OK Computer or Moving Pictures?
  157. Of Monsters and Men
  158. NWOBHM: Glorious years of metal
  159. USPM that gives Manowar a run for their money
  160. metal/rock songs that structure/groove such that they make you want to dance?
  161. Metal Showdown (Round 9) - Metallica vs Megadeth
  162. 31th Anniversary of 'Spreading the Disease'
  163. Best Metal Subgenre!
  164. Megosh
  165. "Running with the devil" Vocal Track - Strange!
  166. Best thrash from United States
  167. Black Metal You Should Know Because it Rules
  168. easing my way into the genre
  169. Australian Art Rock, Punk, and Proto-Punk from the Late 60s- Early 80s
  170. Conquer Divide
  171. Slayer is a terrible band. Here are my reasons:
  172. The Batlord's Thrash Thread (That Is Superior to Wpnfire's)
  173. Bowie-"Lost" Songs?
  174. Wpnfire's Favorite Thrash Metal
  175. New Meshuggah track
  176. A must rock/metal books to read...
  177. New Metallica album coming out November 18, 2016 -- Hardwired..To Self-Destruct
  178. "Led Zeppelin stole from African American musicians"
  179. Thoughts On Tool
  180. Death Doom
  181. "I Like the Music, But Do They Have to Scream?"
  182. What is this about, please!
  183. Metal Battle
  184. Rank the tracks on Metallica's ...And Justice For All
  185. Rockin'1000
  186. Aerosmith anyone?
  187. Looking for similair songs or bands
  188. Song on radio-- a bit country rock sounding
  189. Lady Baby: If you like Babymetal, you'll love this
  190. Trying to find a song from the 80's
  191. Best Producer/Recording Engineer in Metal Music?
  192. King of the Hill (1991)
  193. On a Post-Grunge Kick
  194. Alt-metal band Our Last Night
  195. Dumb Things My Mom Says About Metal
  196. Metal Showdown (Round 8) - Metallica vs Slayer
  197. Coming Out Metalhead
  198. Cant remember song name
  199. Made Out of Babies
  200. Italian rock/metal bands
  201. Anticipated Metal Albums 2016
  202. The Metal Compilation Album Exchange
  203. Searching for a band name
  204. Rock & Metal
  205. Kittie Acoustic Metal Minicover
  206. Metal Showdown (Round 7) - Nirvana vs Metallica
  207. Acid Bath
  208. Ride the Lighting Tally
  209. Hi everybody, can I ask a question?
  210. Metallica: Kill 'Em All tally
  211. No more sub genres!
  212. Best 90's rock band?
  213. How do you describe Pink Floyd to someone who's never heard them?
  214. Master Of Puppets Turns 30 Today
  215. Looking for information on a band called The Vacation
  216. Looking to create a Warboy playlist
  217. Metal Showdown (Round 6) - Alice In Chains vs Nirvana
  218. Rock Album Survivor Archives
  219. Is the pop punk culture slowly dieing out
  220. What is a guitar soliloquy called?
  221. TheLhix' Modern Metal Review Thread
  222. New Dream Theater Album
  223. Why are people so divided about Rammstein?
  224. Out of towner interested in Maryland Deathfest
  225. Most ****ing Awesome Slayer Album that Isn't Reign in Blood
  226. The Original Heavy Metal Pioneers
  227. Queen Kwong
  228. Metal Showdown (Round 5) - Alice In Chains vs Guns N' Roses
  229. What are your top 5 fav prog metal bands at the moment?
  230. Aux-In's Pandora Promise: Seeking Your Rock Band Recs
  231. What do you think of Chinese Democracy?
  232. Recomendations for instrumental songs
  233. Name of the song
  234. Post rock: Oh Hiroshima
  235. Help me find similar songs/bands!
  236. Best David Bowie Album, Real One.
  237. Never Mind This Thread
  238. Twisted Sister versus 愛狂います。
  239. Kip Winger vs. Melting Chocolate Fudge Bar
  240. Axl(e) Rose vs. Ethel Merman
  241. Top 3 Ideal Live Shows Today
  242. Favorite Motorhead Albums
  243. Guns N Roses reunion confirmed
  244. R.I.P. Lemmy
  245. What is your most anticipated rock concert/tour in 2016?
  246. Metal Showdown (Round 4) - Alice In Chains vs Paradise Lost
  247. R.I.P. Scott Weiland
  248. Les Claypool's Playlists
  249. The Tool + Primus tour
  250. What's your music player for listening to rock & metal music?

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