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  1. Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne - No Frauds (Music Video)
  2. Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking feat. Brain (Official Music Video)
  3. Yelawolf - HOTEL EP
  4. Rap Music Generation Gap Debate
  5. Shop Talk with Raekwon
  6. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN - Album Discussion
  7. Logic reveals NEW ALBUM COVER and RELEASE DATE
  8. Iggy Azalea - Mo Bounce
  9. The Streets/Mike Skinner
  10. Sinister Intentions
  11. Fake ****
  12. Where to find new "undiscovered" rap/hip hop
  13. Please help me name this tune!!!
  14. Sadistik - Alters.
  15. Hip-hop radio
  16. Help identifying music video! Late 90s/early 00s R&B
  17. Merkules Stevenson
  18. Can anyone help me with this spanish rap song?
  19. Help I can't figure out who sings this
  20. Name of this rap song please?
  21. Nct-u
  22. LOGIC IS BACK! Game House/Studio TOUR!!!!
  23. Young M.A - Ride Along
  24. Hippie Sabotage - Options
  25. Rap Battle
  26. Looking for (t)rap / hip hop songs like this one by spark master tape
  27. Nct-u
  28. Jay Park
  29. Run The Jewels 3
  30. R.A. The Rugged Man To Collaborate With Chino XL
  31. Look for a rap song possibly 2006ish came from a mixtape off of datpiff
  32. Zico "Bermuda Triangle" ft. Crush,Dean
  33. The Official 'Guess The Rapper' Thread
  34. The Hip-Hop Lyric Appreciation Thread
  35. Illmatic Is Better than ***got Ass Hipster Rap
  36. RikGrimesIsDead's Collection
  37. Jongguk and Zelo "Pray"
  38. Looking for other artist and musicians
  39. King Gordy Returns To His Throne, Hide The Kids
  40. Is this a good rap?
  41. New ATCQ album comes out in a few ft. Jack White
  42. What is the song "Fresh" by Nappy Roots about?
  43. Tech N9ne - Sriracha (Feat. Logic & Joyner Lucas)
  44. Moor Mother
  45. need help finding a song
  46. Turntables + Records
  47. Jai Paul, Ben Khan - I NEED MORE OF THAT SOUND !!!
  48. I'm So Underground
  49. Why is rap music the only genre with diss tracks?
  50. Rap appreciation
  51. Opinions on MF Doom
  52. Does anyone like mumble rap?
  53. is popular rap music today the most ignorant musical genre?
  54. What are you listening to right now?
  55. Questions
  56. Macklemore and Lil Dicky collab???
  57. The evolving self and music
  58. Best Hip Hop Releases of 2016(so far)
  59. Tupac's Influence
  60. The hip hop effect
  61. Brooke Candy
  62. Demi Lovato – Too Much Love
  63. Need someone to rap this.
  64. Please help! Identify this song! I beg your help internet gods!!!
  65. lets have some throwback vids
  66. Favourite Movie Rap
  67. golden age hip hop lovers??
  68. Desiigner
  69. Am I the only person that thinks Stormzy is awful?
  70. Top 10 Current Rappers?
  71. CONNECTORS to fill that extra sylable
  72. Adam WarRock: Nerd Rapper Extraordinaire
  73. Good Rap SLang
  74. Poets word's prosest
  75. Different pattern from the old hiphop patterns I>you
  76. Different flows
  77. Trap $hit
  78. West Coast Rap Survivor (Old School)
  79. fast rapping
  80. Underground
  81. Pitbull
  82. Hip-Hop Album Survivor
  83. What Hip-hop genre is this?
  84. Tyler, The Creator
  85. What is this Rap song? Please help me out!
  86. How do you become popular if you're not from USA?
  87. Can not find the song name
  88. 5 Upbeat Rap Songs (First post)
  89. Best Music Of 2016
  90. Vote for best rapper
  91. Summer Sixteen vs War Pain, which one is better
  92. Moody rap
  93. The culture
  94. Hip-Hop March Madness Tournament 2016
  95. What is the name of this banger?
  96. Am I on the right track?
  97. Please help me... searching for 1 song for over 1 month!
  98. What The **** Are You Listening To?!: The Rap & Hip Hop Edition
  99. Have Fetty Wap and Remy Martin done a deal?
  100. please help
  101. Which Hip-Hop Genre Should I Explore In My Journal?
  102. Kanye disses nike
  103. Places to Sell Music
  104. Lizzo.
  105. Diabolic
  106. post malone
  107. songs you heard (anywhere) that you've been tryin'a locate...
  108. forum member on forum member hate crimes?
  109. Natural Elements
  110. chance the rapper v. spike lee
  111. Hip-Hop's "essential" listening...
  112. Thought on G-Eazy's new album?
  113. Need help with this rap song
  114. Most Overrated Rappers....
  115. Rap in the 1960s
  116. 30 minute song
  117. Korean's rapper
  118. Underground Artists yet to be discovered
  119. Anyone Collaborate from this forum
  120. Raain chiraq remix
  121. Any suggestions for horrorcore that's actually worth listening to?
  122. variety / how broad is your hip hop taste?
  123. Best hiphop verse ever
  124. Need help to find oldschool
  125. Rap Gladiators!
  126. Dr. Dre
  127. props / diss
  128. Old School Rap
  129. East-european hip hop music
  130. the rub's history of hip hop
  131. BLVCKLVND RVDIX 2 finally dropping..
  132. Need help to add to my playlist!
  133. Wher i can buy licenzed music
  134. what is Rap?
  135. J. Pierce - new Jay Z?
  136. RetcH
  137. Eminem's best song
  138. Tyler, The Creator - Cherry Bomb
  139. Keith Jenkins might be awesome...
  140. Flying Lotus - Zodiac REMIX
  141. Lets be real, Biggie was more popular BUT 2pac was BETTER at rapping...jus saying
  142. Djinn Gang laying racism to REST...and 1990 TMNT was BEST!
  143. Mulattos CANT be racist!
  144. The Way.
  145. Iki Bamba tha Medicine Man
  146. Samo Hoe
  147. Tommy Wright III for president!!
  148. Best examples of Rappers doing other Genres?
  149. Did sumbody in OFWGKTA die....or sumthing??
  150. how do you feel about the new Dizzy Wright Album
  151. Rap Vinyls
  152. bleem gawd?
  153. Mystery Flying Lotus song?
  154. how to find collaborators for hip-hop/rap songs?
  155. Dual Core (rap group)
  156. Blackhandpath
  157. Signor Benedick the Moor
  158. Sicko Mobb
  159. Did you know iowa has a underground rap scene
  160. Are there any rappers who also play instruments at the same time?
  161. Official Kanye West "Yeezus" "God Wants You" T-Shirt's For Sale
  162. kayne west sucks thread
  163. Where y'all at?
  164. props
  165. Earl Sweatshirt
  166. Female Emcees
  167. Kanye West' best lyrics
  168. 'hip hop is gay right now,' reports legendary/washed up rapper sticky fingaz of onyx
  169. Hip hop Concert Demographics
  170. Can/ which current MC's can become legends?
  171. Underground rap
  172. 90's G Funk/West Coast type of stuff
  173. Snow Tha Product
  174. Honey Cocaine
  175. searching for a style? help plz :D
  176. ITT: Post weird cringey tumblr rap
  177. Built To Scratch
  178. Berner
  179. Joey Bada$$'s new album "B4.DA.$$"
  180. jedi mind tricks
  181. Big Daddy Kane
  182. A Long List of Rappers You Probably Never Heard Of
  183. Why is Eminem bad for Music?
  184. Fractured Hip Hop
  185. New DMX album randomly released "Redemption of the Beast"
  186. Coolio
  187. Clipping
  188. help me get into grime
  189. best hype music
  190. Non-rap choppers?
  191. Why your favorite rapper sucks
  192. The rap alphabet game
  193. Oh, wow.
  194. Rap is not considered music
  195. can someone explain to me again why grime isn't rap?
  196. Skits
  197. Is rap considered music?
  198. Where Is Twisted Eminem Beat From
  199. I really want feedback on some tunes
  200. love letter to prodigy
  201. statik selektah
  202. dmx appreciation thread
  203. Cormega
  204. Wiki
  205. How has Hip-hop as a genre evolved over the years?
  206. Fastest Rappers
  207. The Mad Conductor
  208. Getting Married in 2 weeks and need help
  209. Clipping!?
  210. Perfect 3 song set list.
  211. Suggestions to get my music noticed
  212. GS9 Music
  213. Mf doom mask
  214. Cryptic Wisdom
  215. iCon the Mic King
  216. tobyMac
  217. The Arsonists
  218. The Constructus Corporation
  219. C-Rayz Walz
  220. Gatorface the artist
  221. Serengeti
  222. Young Thug
  223. Young Fathers
  224. Hail Mary Mallon
  225. What do you think about "rappers" attempting to sing?
  226. Not afraid
  227. Share your music with us
  228. Name a track from your childhood, include some lyrics.
  229. Help me find this song!
  230. Why is modern Hip-Hop music, aswell as mainstream pop so hated by people?
  231. Kanye West’s DJ Got Fired Then Lashed Out At ‘Ye Fans
  232. Artist development for g.o.o.d music
  233. T-Kash
  234. Despot
  235. Is Hip Hop Destroying American Youth?
  236. Help needed
  237. Wu Tang Clan Performs on Jon Stewert! WU TANG BACK!!
  238. New 1D?
  239. Hip Hop and Samples..
  240. Acoustic guitar rap?
  241. deM atlaS
  242. My 1$t performance!!
  243. Tim Dog death
  244. Alternative R&B
  245. King Los could be the nicest Emcee of this generation if only he....
  246. Busta Rhymes Let Go
  247. Any of yall still listen to Gangsta Rap?
  248. Artist That Got You Into Hip Hop
  249. East Coast versus West Coast
  250. Rap Rating System: How to judge an MC

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