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Welcome to the site! I'm glad that you came across it, and this thread. Really hope you enjoyed the reviews posted thus far - then again, the earlier output by the guys is easy to really review because it's just such a joy to listen to.

Phish have never been about their studio stuff, and we all know this - it's just really pretty cool to sit down and listen to, and most people find studio albums way more accessible than live recordings...although I do plan to work my way through reviewing their official live albums, maybe working my way through the entire LivePhish release catalog as well! (With some special shows near and dear to my heart which have never had an official release!) I will have to also review all of their solo output, side projects, etc... but gotta get these reviews done first, for sure!

As far as their live stuff goes, that's definitely where it's at. That's where the magic happens. A lot of people have been bitching about Phish 3.0, which kind of bums me out a little, but I guess that's just how it goes. It's almost as depressing when people say, "Well, at least they're still playing," like they're implying it's not ideal but could be worse. I actually think a lot of the tightest playing in a while has come out of Phish 3.0. Then again, there are the folks who hate the band's live output in the early 2000s through to Coventry. I disagree with them as well, I guess - they had some of the most far out there, interesting live versions of many, many songs during that time. But we all know how Trey was then, so...I'm just glad that he's looking happy and healthy now. And the Ocedoc is a sweet axe.

Anyway, I'm rambling on incessantly and haven't slept in 48 hours, so I'm not even sure this is coherent...but I'll have Rift finished after I wake up, and then can probably do Hoist and Billy Breathes fairly shortly thereafter, as I've listened to them closely and repeatedly in the past few days and got all of the preliminary notes and such.

So, yeah - glad that you found the forum and this thread, and hope that you stick around! There's a lot of cool people on here, and a lot less drama than on PT, although less Phish talk...but it's still there!

And I will get some new reviews posted very soon!

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