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So is this a challenge for us or for you? Because, it really is no problem for me to think of some of the weirdest music to send you, but are you going to like it, or even listen to it all the way through, that's another challenge.

OK, I've decided to send you something that's maybe not so obscure, but it is certainly some of the weirdest music I've heard:

Diamanda Galás - The Litanies of Satan (1982)

No, this is not black metal. There's no way to classify this, maybe like screaming opera from hell. Diamanda Galás is known for her incredible four octave range voice, and you just cannot believe what she does with it. This is her first album. The title track is based on the poem by Charles Baudelaire and the second track is for 'solo scream'. I've heard a lot of crazy music, but nothing can compare with the effect that human voice can have. So, if you like hysterical, wild women with steak knives, maybe there's a chance you're gonna 'enjoy' this. There's no middle ground with this, you either love it or hate it. It certainly needs to be heard.

it might be more of a challenge to me but I really want to test myself and see how open minded I am. To see if I could find something that I like even in the weirdest of music.

Thank you all that have sent me something so far. I'm going to be listening to them throughout the day.
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