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Originally Posted by JeEeN1305
hmm. maybe pixie isnt coming on because shes to busy stalking josephine? haha. Yea. and im one of hundreds wondering how, josephine is a stalker...*ponders*...haha.

And I dislike the fact that many bands today dont write their own songs, i mean, they rock. but seriously. if u cant write your own songs than you shouldnt have a band...same with lip sinkers.. cough*ashlee simpson* who thinks shes so0o punk, but had about 20 diffrent excuses to what happend on SNL...haha..

and hillary duff going "punk"...uhm. whats up with that...

sorry if i went a little off topic. lol.
Hmmm, maybe I shudn't use your quote, you may think I'm a stalker...
And yes, I agree. Totally. I might be outmoded, but for me a real band includes definitely writing own songs, playing instruments and playing LIVE. That's what it was like in the '60 and I think that's what it shud be like today. Still.
And if Ash*** the f*** Sim**** is punk then I'm a highly pop-and-spears-addict.
She was real gorgoeus on SNL (It's blasphemous that she was allowed to play there. I mean Paul McCartney played there, the Stones...f***ing s**t!)
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