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Originally Posted by Boozinbloozin View Post
Besides with the exception of Davey you and D.J are just trollin but its cool. I dont get bent out of shape about lil stuff. I stand by Hendrix and Yes im probaly a hopeless fan boy. Thats what it is to truly be a fan of something. Im not however losing my sense of reasoning and logic. Of course the Beatles had more influence than Hendrix did but the initial debate was Elvis being crowned the king. So in comparison other than his mass doubt cause of the marketing aspect of things and time of which he came about. I wouldnt place him over Hendrix for the King of Rock title. He was an image not so much an artist or experimenter or lyricist.
Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
I'm not trolling you this time even though you may feel this way. I agree with you that Elvis most definitely shouldn't be the King of Rock and I already stated why in the past but he's basically the Britney Spears of his time.

I really think it should go to Chuck Berry
neither am I trolling -srsly, I don't hear any of this multifarious genres - Hendrix didn't even play the blues that well - Red House has, in the words of the Emperor of Prussia when commenting on Mozart, too many notes. all I hear is just r n' b souped up in metallic rock, which is not to say I don't like it, but how much has it influenced the "general" sound of rock? no doubt the songs are good but the way Chas Chandler played his cards, they came out like pop songs. Only the Merman suite is that outstanding, but how many groups use that kinda sound?

I mean if technology in the 60s were like today, he would defo be an "innovator" since he repeatedly said he can't quite replicate the sounds in his head

and, of course, a lot of effects pedals and guitar thingummybobs are made to sound like him, but nobody actually does sound like him except for Eric Gales

and as to the extent of influence on rock, I only know that Black Sabbath's war pigs is a duplicate of if 6 was 9

whereas the bands that sound like the big four I mentioned I can't even count
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