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Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
Yes , I agree with you to a certain degree that he was a great performer and he used that ability to make Rock and Roll a more common thing in people's mind. I just don't agree that he should have that title for just being a really good performer. He was really the Britney Spears of his time.
The Britney Spears of his time is a lil harsh. Elvis did have a very soulful voice and really had a connection with people that britney spears could never have. Plus he never used autotune, guy had perfect pitch. When it comes to that time period i only have my father to lean on and his vast discograph of music. People have borrowed from others throughout time its what musicians will/have and will always do. Elvis succeeded in bringing rock n roll into the spotlight. I won't call him the king just early royalty.
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