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Originally Posted by Buzzov*en View Post
I guess my views are.
Haha it has not become a religion.
Are you one of those people who tries to say atheism is a religion as well?
Atheism is not a religion per se, but it does not outright reject religion either (as you seem to believe). Atheism rejects the idea if deities. There are numerous religions that do not have (or require) deities and would fall under the Atheist category:

-Samkhya (and numerous other branches of the Indian/Vedic religions)
-Secular Humanism
-Baha'i (certain Neo-Islamic sects)
-Numerous Neo-Paganist religions (mainly the Nordic sects)
-Pantheism/Panentheism (believing that "God is everything" or "Everything is God," rather than viewing him as a specific deity to be worshipped)

So what should you get out of this? Well, hopefully you will do a little bit of research before spouting off your ignorant beliefs (keep in mind that "ignorant" is not being used here as an insult, but rather referring to the vast array of things that you are clearly unaware of). And secondly, it is quite apparent that you have no idea what you truly believe. Sit down, do some reading, form a well thought opinion on your own views of the world, and then you can contemplate criticizing other peoples' beliefs.
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