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Originally Posted by FRED HALE SR. View Post
I'm surprised people aren't skyping their religion yet. Why go to church when you can eat your cheerios and shower while skyping your worship.
Look up venomfangx on youtube. You will get a kikc out of it.

Originally Posted by oojay View Post
Atheism is not a religion per se, but it does not outright reject religion either (as you seem to believe).

Atheism rejects the idea if deities. There are numerous religions that do not have (or require) deities and would fall under the Atheist category:

So what should you get out of this? Well, hopefully you will do a little bit of research before spouting off your ignorant beliefs (keep in mind that "ignorant" is not being used here as an insult, but rather referring to the vast array of things that you are clearly unaware of). And secondly, it is quite apparent that you have no idea what you truly believe. Sit down, do some reading, form a well thought opinion on your own views of the world, and then you can contemplate criticizing other peoples' beliefs.
I never said atheism rejects religion. Do not put words into my mouth. Because I am an atheist and I also think religion is a sack of **** that should be destroyed you automatically make an idiotic assumption that I believe atheism rejects religion? LMAO look in the mirror before you call someone ignorant.
I know what my views are buddy. Do not try to tell me that it is apparent I do not know what I truly believe because I do. I see no purpose to us being here. I do not believe in God. I am still alive because I enjoy living. It is that simple. Or do I need to believe in some mystical sky wizard for you to accept my views?
Quit your bull**** and shut up.

Save the environment, shoot yourself in the head.
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