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Originally Posted by oojay View Post
Again, YOU'RE NOT SAYING ANYTHING. You're arguing semantics between assumptions and inferences, and trying to express what you believe by simply pointing out a few things that you DO NOT believe.

What assumptions have I, or anyone else on here for that matter, made about you that are wrong or have been disproven? None. You'd rather mask your insecuritiy about your own beliefs by insulting others and pretending to be amused by things which clearly reveal a discontinuity in your own chain of thought.

THANK YOU. A declarative statement, was that so hard? Please, for the sake of keeping in mind the overall idea and topic of the thread, elaborate a little. I accept your disbelief in a God. That is your opinion, it really needs no explanation. But why, in your opinion, do you believe we are here if we serve no purpose? Is life just a side effect of random atoms combining and creating everything as we know it? Are we all just a victims of the universe's serendipity?

I apologize if my posts aren't as thought out as your calling all religions a "sack of sh*t." Hopefully some of your wisdom will rub off on the rest of us.
Hopefully you will remove your head from your rear end and learn how not to make assumptions. You not responding to what I asked you on your profile only solidifies my point that is all you are capable of doing.

Originally Posted by RVCA View Post
Buzzoven, you make the rest of us atheists look bad.
I'll let you know when I actually care about how I make atheists who are accepting (spineless really) look.
I'm not blind to history. Anyone with half a brain can see the problems religion has caused and continues to cause.

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