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Originally Posted by Buzzov*en View Post
Hopefully you will remove your head from your rear end and learn how not to make assumptions. You not responding to what I asked you on your profile only solidifies my point that is all you are capable of doing.
I did respond. Why do you feel the need to correspond with me on my profile page, rather than keeping it in the context of the thread?

For the rest of you who have no clue what he is talking about, Buzzov*en asked me if I am a Christian. I told him no. I do not subscribe to a religion. Being knowledgable about religion does not automatically make me religious. How is that for people needing to stop making assumptions?

Originally Posted by Buzzov*en
Anyone with half a brain can see the problems religion has caused and continues to cause.
Then why not use your knowledge to make some sort of worthwhile contribution to this thread? More poeple have been killed in the name of religion than for any other cause. Wars, crusades, jihads. Use information that you are aware of to back up your statements. We're all rooting for you to introduce some intelligent conversation here, we know you can do it.

Originally Posted by pooka View Post
hey buzz, why am i laughing until i cry over oojays posts? i dont think ive read anything so effing pretentious in awhile. durrrrrr let me list all these stupid religions EVERYONE knows about so i seem hip and well read.
or is that just me?
Well, logic and reasoning don't seem to be getting through to him. Maybe pretentiousness and persistence will. It's nice to know that you would rather focus on the tone of someone's posts rather than their content. Well done.
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