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Originally Posted by Buzzov*en View Post
I love you that is why.
I'm flattered.

Originally Posted by Buzzov*en
hahaha that is not what I said. I said how would it look if I asked you if you were a right wing nut job who is religious?
It would look like plain text that has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. What does political affiliation have to do with the future of religion? Let me humor you. Am I religious? No, I believe that a spiritual bond can be made with the world around us without having to subscribe to a certain set of religious beliefs or following a certain deity. Am I a right-wing nutjob? No, I have no affiliation with the Tea Party movement. In the last Presidential election I voted for John McCain. He was not my first choice, but it was quite evident that a write-in vote would be an exercise in futility.

Originally Posted by Buzzov*en
I do not really feel like introducing intelligence to this thread when I am dealing with people like you who are beneath me and like to assume they know my ideas and all that wonderfully intelligent bull**** you do.
Again, if I am wrong on anything I have inferred here, I apologize. You have every opportuinity under the sun to correct me, yet you refuse to do so. I guess it's easier to complain than to explain.

Originally Posted by Buzzov*en
Do not talk about logic and reasoning when you have a hard time seeing how you are a hypocrite and when you assume you know my views and like to put words into my mouth and after I tell you that is not what I did your delusional thought process makes you think you are right. You make me laugh and hate humanity more.
Like I said, I fail to see how I am being hypocritical in this discussion. Please show me and I will either explain the misunderstanding or apologize for being a hypocrite. The ball is in your court. And I am glad I could bring some levity to your evening.
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