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Originally Posted by Tumor View Post

I dislike this song but I seem to be the only person who does, seeing as though its in every movie trailer ever......
+ Don`t worry, I can`t stand it either !

Originally Posted by ThePhanastasio View Post
"Hallelujah" is used an awful lot in television and film, particularly the Jeff Buckley version. I mean, it's a really great song, but it's way overused.
+ Yes, absolutely. A great song that`s being done to death.

+ As manny says, there are also a lot of classical pieces that turn up repeatedly, because every movie has to have its Piano Time, right after the leading couple have their big fight. Are they going to get back together again ? Not until each of them has done some mooching around on their own to some poignant backdrop with a piano track playing. Or if that`s considered too subtle for the movie-goers, the director might go for this instead :

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