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Originally Posted by VEGANGELICA View Post
I've now just listened to a fun Billy Idol song I like, "Dancing with myself." I had never before seen the peculiar Thriller-esque video complete with zombie-zapping followed by sweaty, wild, zombie dancing! This song inspires some good dancing-with-yourself moments:

Directed by Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) no less. But I like the Generation X earlier original version better (band Billy was in) - more punk, less dance.

Originally Posted by VEGANGELICA View Post
I realized I've never seen a picture of Chopin, so I looked him up:

It's about time for me to get into some Chopin.

Malaise is THE dominant human predilection.

Originally Posted by The Virgin View Post
what? i don't understand you. farming is for vegetables, not for meat. if ou disagree with a farming practice, you disagree on a vegetable. unless you have a different definition of farming.
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