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The universe and everything in the universe is a fractal black hole, the universe experiences itself by drawing smaller versions of itself into itself, this is what is known as gravity.

This information crosses the event horizon and then radiates outward, which is known as electricity.

As information travels along this continuous, circular path, it changes. This makes the circle a coil, and results in a universe that is eternal, always different, always the same, in which it is possible to have the illusion of a beginning and end, defined by crossing the event horizon.

The entire scientific enterprise has, until now, been defined by dissection, which is actually explosion. The idea behind dissecting something is that we will understand it better by reducing it to its components. What we are really doing is taking a cohesive unity and blowing it up so that the next fractal level of cohesive unities is revealed. We continue to do this, hoping to get to a bottom level so that we can work our way up, but we never get there.

Explosion is directly related to electromagnetism, whereas implosion is related to gravity. This is why we do not have a good scientific understanding of gravity. The method of implosion is that of meditation, which is the other side of science which many still discard. The method of implosion is to dive deeper and deeper into your own personal subjective experience of reality, and to experience it on subtler and subtler levels. Only this method can reveal that the universe is an infinite fractal in which everything is a manifestation of one consciousness.

This inward journey strengthens the gravitational field which makes a person 'deep' or 'heavy' and as the gravitational field strengthens so does the electromagnetic field, which is the 'shadow' of the gravitational field, and so this person becomes more magnetic, draws others to them into molecular structures, and becomes able to start an organization or even a religion. This is also why people like Jesus or Buddha are often depicted with very powerful and colorful auras. They are essentially supernovas.

Because everything is a constantly-changing fractal, the same patterns play out on every 'level' of reality but their outward appearance is always different. Hence, if we understand the patterns of personal growth and social evolution we can understand the pattern of everything in the universe, the tao.

Ultimately, this leads to the realization that all intellectual knowing is pointless because the flow of the universe cannot be stopped and everything that happens is a part of it. Since this flow will take us exactly where we want to go, there is nothing we have to do, and focusing too much on understanding the flow will actually cause us suffering, because ultimately the flow is incomprehensible.

The ultimate illusion of analysis is that there is an in-flow, gravity, and an out-flow, electricity, but this is just the clearest, paradoxical manifestation of mind: really, there is only flow.
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