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So you're saying that the planet we call earth, and the marble sitting on my desk are both points, and there is no difference between them outside of what I perceive?

As for us all being one? How does that work? In our state of flesh, I could stab you and kill you (as you could to me) leaving one of us behind, the other to go on. We are two separate entities.

On a larger scale, thousands of people are killed, die, or hurt everyday. None of which affect me personally whatsoever, how can "we all be one" if this is the case?

The more I understand this logic the less I agree with it. Or maybe I don't understand it, maybe it doesn't understand me. But people are separate entities, in truth. While you can perceive that we are all one, all connected, I simply don't believe it's so. I could jump off a bridge right after posting this, and so long as you weren't directly under the point off which I jumped, it wouldn't affect you in the slightest. In fact, you'd have no idea I was dead unless another separate human entity were to convey that information to you.

It's a great mind bender to think about if you're in a happy place (i.e. a drug induced nirvana) but in cold dead reality, there's little to support it.

My theory is that we are infinitely flawed mortal creatures, who were lucky enough to be given a chance at life on this rock that just happened to be almost perfect to sustain our being. Yet, we are so ignorant to that fact that we have constantly seeked meaning to it all via religion, science, and philosophy and failed. We will continue to fail, the answer is all around us. We are here, we exist in our current place, state, and time. Nothing more.

As far as how it all started? That's a whole other beast. The Big Bang Theory is pretty hard to believe, how can something appear from nothingness. There has to be a base for the existence of anything. There has to be a foundation to everything that exists out there somewhere, maybe it's here, maybe it's everywhere, maybe we're in the ****ing matrix. I sure as hell believe that more than there being some all seeing god somewhere in a place called heaven judging us for everything we do. **** that idea.
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