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They are looking into dark matter Lee (and dark energy too)...but at the end of the day, the only thing most of the qualified folk (astrophysicists and mathematicians and the like) who are looking into it are doing is attempting to squeeze in their findings with already established theories, and thus aren't getting a complete picture.

I sometimes think the human mind is too insular for its own good, and not completely unlike our current understanding of the universe: we observe certain guiding principles and formulate cause-and-effect in regards to brain function...and yet consciousness itself remains a black box that becomes relegated to a realm of subjectivity and mystery even among those who claim to have all the answers.

On top of all this, even fundamental phenomena such as gravity are changing radically as far as definition goes (in terms of what it really is), with a common consensus emerging that gravity itself doesn't even exist here in the material universe we live in. Rather, it is a force being projected from a reality beyond our own. And the implications of something like that once you bring in matter and energy into the's that for a mindfuck?

Strange times we are living in guys...strange times indeed.
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