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Random Track of the Day
Friday, August 19 2011

And lo! The spell is broken! After four days of random tracks that corresponded to albums and/or artistes I had already touched on, today we have something totally different. I've never even featured a song from Dan Fogelberg to date, even though he is one of my favourite artistes. Look out for a “Taking centre stage” special on him soon. This is from his 1987 album “Exiles”, which is a great album, but rather unfortunately this is not what I would consider the best track from it. In fact, this is an extra track on the CD, and I originally bought the album on vinyl, so I'm not that familiar with it.

Beyond the edge --- Dan Fogelberg --- from “Exiles” on Full Moon

Dan was always at his best penning a great love ballad or slow song. You all know, no doubt, the classics like “Longer”, “Same old lang syne” and “Leader of the band”. He also does some very good “rockier” numbers, and to be fair, this is not bad as one of those. It's not a Fogelberg classic though, and is a little formulaic for my tastes. Definitely not the introduction to his music I would have chosen, but c'est la traque randome, as they (probably) say in France.

Dan Fogelberg died in 2007, having released a string of albums, many of which went platinum or multi-platinum, and left behind him a musical legacy spanning over thirty-five years. You could do a lot worse than check out his music, especially “Phoenix”, “Souvenirs”, “Windows and walls” and of course the double “The innocent age”.
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