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Random Track of the Day
Saturday, August 20 2011

Way hey! Back to the beginning of the seventies we go, as the random-o-meter casts us back to the heyday of the prog rock movement, when bands like Uriah Heep were at the top of their game, and could release albums with only seven tracks on them, like this one. Only their third of eventually twenty-three (to date) albums, this featured the talents of world-famous Manfred Mann on keyboards, though not on this track.

Look at yourself --- Uriah Heep --- from “Look at yourself” on Bronze

The title track (obviously), it's seriously keyboard-heavy, with great guitars from Mick Box, powerful vocals from David Byron, a thundering rhythm, and near the end a totally mad all-out battle for supremacy between keyboardist Ken Hensley and drummer Ian Clarke. Has to be heard to be believed!
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