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Tuesday, August 23 2011
Okay, it's time to go all weird and classical again. And believe it or not, with all the great composers out there to choose from, and the many in my collection, it's once again Mendelssohn that the random-o-meter has chosen to pick out of the pile. This is from an album called “Songs without words”, which is pretty self-explanatory I guess.

Songs without words, Op 30 no. 5 ---Felix Mendelssohn --- from “Songs without words” on Decca

The “Songs without words” collection is in fact eight separate volumes, each containing six lyrical piano pieces, or songs. This is from volume 2 (Op 30), originally published 1833-1834 and is in fact the fifth movement, titled “Andante grazioso in D Major”. It's short, less than two minutes, but a nice little piece and apparently good for those learning to play the piano.
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