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Random Track of the Day
Thursday, September 1 2011

No better way to start the month that with a nice slab of good old hard rock! That's what you get with Iced Earth, though they'd probably prefer to be described as heavy or progressive metal. Whatever way they style themselves, the words “hard” and “heavy” are in there! This is from their live album “Alive in Athens”.

Last December --- Iced Earth --- from “Alive in Athens” on Century Media

Good hard rockin' track, lots of heavy guitar and some killer vocals. I don't know too much about Iced Earth --- they're another band whose discography I have, but have yet to listen to --- but on the basis of this I must say they sound very promising. I know they've been going since about 1989, so they've certainly had time to hone their craft! “Last December” gets no complaints from me.
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