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Originally Posted by RVCA View Post
Maybe because Dazed and Confused is a stupid high school stoner flick, and Plant didn't want the song (about a girl) to be associated with such riff raff? idklol

It's a shame the OP is such a troll, I wish someone more worthwhile had made a thread about Plant. He's got a great folky thing going lately
It's actually a pretty decent film, and a good throwback to the times of Led Zeppelin. How is it stupid? And I doubt Plant would have a problem with the stoner aspect of it, or the content matter in general, seeing as how it's basically focused on the times when Zeppelin ruled the land.

And really? idklol? Drop the dumb gamer cyber talk that you seem to include in 50% of your posts.

I know your a Zeppelin fanboy who's probably touchy about this subject, but cmon, even you should be able to admit that his project with Alison Krauss was crap.
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