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Saw this thread and thought it would be a good place to start since I'm listening to a sneak peek preview of an album that comes out on the 21st that I doubt anyone is aware of, so I can share something.

Not sure if anyone here watches American Idol or not, but it's something I do with my 11 year old each year. A contestant from last season, James Durbin is the singer. He's put together a great band and I think the album is darn good. It's rock with a lot of wailing vocals, some awesome guitar shredding in some of the songs. It's a pretty nice mixture of songs. You can hear a little GNR, Green Day, Muse and 80's hair metal sound sort of all at once. Been listening to it all day, lol. If anyone wants to check it out here is a link to the full album stream...

(Apparently I can't post a link...but you can find the streaming album on Eonline website. Maybe someone else can find the link. They have the list of songs wrong, but someone listed the right order in the comments.)
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