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Originally Posted by blastingas10 View Post
I was not trying to say he is overrated, he's definitely not. I honestly don't know much about his originality. His lyrics are great, I agree.

I was just saying that I've never thought of him as being really original, but I'm not saying he isn't. I've just always thought of him as one of the greatest guitarists ever.

Did a little research and found this:

Johnson's poetry is currently being taught at the University level, in particular, Victor Cabas' "Mississippi in Story and Song" at the University of Virginia.
That's some good info to check out later blaster, Thanks.

Sometimes it can be hard to completely understand any certain artist or band for that matter, if you don't transcend your train of thought to the particular era in question.

For example if your talking about Robert Johnson, you have to realize we are talking about prior to 1938 (the year of his death). And the same is to be said for any artist/band in order to grasp a complete and more coherent analysis.

Whether it is a band from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s for example. We have to remember to not always think within the modern era of today's music.
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