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Originally Posted by Dr.Seussicide View Post
That was pretty intense. I dug the beginning way more than the actual song though. Maybe because it was live the vocals got drowned out. Pretty decent though, 6.5/10.

Avenged Sevenfold, "A Little Piece of Heaven" on Vimeo
Blarobbarg's = -1/10 They will never make it out of their garage.

Dr. Seussicide - your user name = 15/10

Avenged Sevenfold? Unique for the better part. Chorus a bit poppy. Video =10/10 very Tim Burtonish. Never heard of them, but, I will give them a look for other songs. May be a band I could dig. We'll see.

I wonder who slayed Cain?

Do you room with Matt Foley in your van down by the river? The stench is probably gone, but, the bones aren't

Speaking of bones, I think I will post some Slobberbone.

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