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Originally Posted by Tuna View Post
Wat, lol.

Yeah definitely stick around bro, I think your lack of exposure to other cultures and their music has given you a bit of a slant towards rock music. If you stick around, you'll probably look back at what you said and realize how ridiculous it sounds. No offense intended by any of this, I just think you won't feel the same if you come to appreciate other genres on their own merits.
Thanks. But I am very well aware and versed on almost any other style you can think of. I've already been there to the area of thought your talking about. I've already gravitated back to my original position. I just have a passion for rock music.

That said, I DO belive my notion about music hitting a wall innovation-wise is pretty accurate. In fact, there are numerous subtle things I have figured out about music (and people's perceptions of music) that I find hard to explain. Every time I attempt to explain it, people consider it "ridiculous" as you just stated. That's why I'm not shocked to see some of the reactions on here. Most people just lack some fundamental understandings that I have. Not trying to sound elitist or self-righteous, but I DO want to defend my position.
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