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Originally Posted by blastingas10 View Post
Aren't you from Norway, tore? This info could be a couple years old but I read that Norway has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in Western Europe, yet possesses the lowest murder rate. And Holland has one of the highest murder rates, despite have one of the lowest gun ownership rates.
I am and we do? I guess Scandinavia in general has high gun ownership compared to the rest of Europe, but the firearms culture is not about using firearms for defence or as a means to rise up against our government should the need arise (thinking of bloozcrooz here). The reason there's a relatively lot of guns here is because most of Norway is trees and forests or other sorts of nature with wild animals in it and so there are a lot of hunters here.

In order to get that gun, you need to get a hunting license which includes firearm training and then the guns you buy (rifles or shotguns) are the sort designed to help you put a wild animal on your plate, not defend you against humans.

I've never met anyone who bought a firearm for personal protection. Well, not against anything other than polar bears anyways.

edit :

I looked up the numbers and it does seem Norway scores relatively high on guns per amount of people for a European country. According to this source (came up randomly) there are 31.3 guns in Norway per hundred people. In the same list, United States has 88.8 guns per hundred people which is a lot more.
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