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Originally Posted by TheBig3 View Post
I'd agree with the post Tuna, I think the issue is generally emotional failings. They want people to like them, they want to feel included. When everyone is trying to "figure you out", maybe it adds some sense of value to them (they think). I'd love to see an interview with these people 20 years on, but obviously we love to have the death penalty so thats probably not going to happen.

In thinking about it, maybe I wouldn't. I'm sure they'd just find God and be boring.
I thought they did away with the death penalty in CT? Not that it would would matter anyway cause I'm sure the other prisoners will make short work of him on the inside. I was under the impression that the shooter died anyway?
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Fuck you, bloozin! Your stupid thread too!
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- Hendrix didn't even play the blues that well -

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