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No. 12

Non - Back To Mono

I hadn't heard of this band (or at least they weren't in my conscious) but damn, this was some crazy shit. Noisy, industrial, abrasive etc. I have since listened to some of their earlier work and it certainly stacks up in their discography. There's not much else to say other than - if you like this kind of stuff, you will more than likely enjoy this.

No. 11

Himanshu - Nehru Jackets

As a long term fan of Das Racist (aside from their first "official" album, Relax) I came into this slightly apprehensive, as the dynamic between Heems and Kool AD were what made them interesting, and I couldn't imagine one carrying an album. Boy, was I wrong. Heems and producer Mike Finito pulled this off with aplomb. The beats are hazy and all over the place, lyrically ranging from hysterical to relatively serious/intelligent and consistently engaging.

No. 9

Pigs - You Ruin Everything

I hadn't heard of this album or band until I looked at bob's list of 2012 albums on RYM (the cover caught me) and I loved it. Sludgy, noisy, heavy and a kind of punk edge, which was unusual for me. Consistently great and an album I will keep in mind for some time.

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2. What was the strangest/best/worst party you ever went to?
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