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Originally Posted by IamAlejo
Actually they wouldn't. US is not a big fan of the UN, and even less of a fan of NATO. I doubt they release all the info to UN.

"It's not what your government can do for you, but what you can do for your government." Ever heard of it? JFK, one of the best Presidents we've had. Who are you to say what the government is to do?

Isn't the US often criticized for being the "World Police." Yes we are, yet when we don't help out some third world country than we are the bad guys. It's always are fault. But the fact remains, there is no immediate investment in Zimbabwe. We have constantly been at war with them ever since Desert Storm. The fact is that we are not going to spread out the military too thin at one time. If things settle in Iraq, we might go to Zimbabwe. Who knows? Iraq was more of an immediate threat to the US than Zimbabwe will ever be.

Most of those lost jobs, dollar weakening, etc, happened during the first two years of his Presidency. Do you think that an economy has results in just two years. No, it takes 4 to 6 years for a Presidents laws, etc, to have an impact on the economy. Look at Clinton before we start looking too much at Bush.
The US gave the UN's team of weapons inspectors the location of twelve sites which they "guaranteed" held weapons of mass destruction. The UN team led by Doctor Blix had searched ten of these sites and found nothing before the Coalition Forces crossed the border and they were forced to leave. Then the US forces searched all twelve locations and found nothing, before changing their original stance of a guarantee of finding actual weapons to a guarantee of finding the programs to build weapons. Again, they found nothing, so they changed their stance again, to that of saying Iraq had the possibility of making weapons of mass destruction. Which everyone knew anyway because it was a British company that sold the blueprints to Saddam waaaaaaaaaay back. Old news. Pakistan, India and Israel all have nuclear weaponry along with anyone on the black market who wants to raid an abandoned Russian submarine in the Siberian wasteland.

JFK. There's an interesting one. He came out with statements like that. He got shot. Says it all really. Look at the current hubbub surrounding Reagan. In death it seems every man's failings are forgotten.

You're right, of course I have no right to say what the US government does, I'm not American, I don't elect them. However, I pay my taxes to the UK government, and for those payments I expect to have a chance to have my say. It seems to me that the American system is more about the population doing as they are told from on high, as opposed to those on high serving the needs of the public in exchange for financial input. It's a 50-50 thing is democracy. The British invented it.

In my opinion we are seeing the beginnings of the end of the American Empire. Back in 1944 Field Marshal Montgomery noted that a ground war in Asia simply could not be won. The terrain lends itself perfectly to the guerilla combat that Iraqi insurgents have been partaking in ever since the fall of Baghdad, and as the US found out in Vietnam, guerilla warfare is messy, ugly, and simply undefeatable.

The US economy really took its major downturn after 9/11, something Bush had little control over (unless you believe certain reports that he simply ignored the threat whilst concentrating on Iraq, which I must admit don't surprise me) and it has never really recovered. The majority of his policies don't help. Antiquated economic theories which simply can't cope with the sophistication of the modern global economy. The europeans have been having a field day, even the French and German ones, which have had poor times themselves in recent years.

In an interesting aside, which personally I don't believe but I know some of the more fierce activists do, states that an "unwritten law" in US doctrine states that congress will approve military action from any US president with the sole intent of securing oil for US consumption.
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