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Originally Posted by Briks View Post
If the artist knows what the fans want, why not at least TRY to satisfy them? We alredy have enough synthpop on the lists - we want what was popular before. They shouldn't pretend to be more stupid than they are, none of their fans really thought Mylo Xyloto could compare to the masterpiece called A Rush of Blood to the Head. I liked the more britpop-influenced style, so did mostly the rest of their fans. Coldplay knows how to make good songs, so I don't see any reason for not executing it. Oh, and Neardeathexperience, you may have a point when you say that it'd be hard to make the original sound, but personally I don't think that is a valid reason for giving up to commercialism and start making what everyone else makes nowadays.

My opinion on the evolution of their albums:
I agree with you for the most part. Mylo Xyloto holds no comparison to their previous albums, especially the first two, which are why people liked them in the first place. While I think Hurts Like Heaven, Paradise, and Every Teardrop were great pop songs, I can barely make it through listening to the second half of the album. The previous albums I feel were all solid and I've listened to them many times. And also I feel like the album would have been slightly better if they'd included Moving to Mars and ditched one of the boring songs like Up In Flames, Us Against the World, etc. I remember when this came out they said it would probably be their last album, and I'd be okay with that. If collaborations with top 40 pop artists are the direction they've taken I'd rather leave their music as is and remember them for making good albums like Parachutes and A Rush of Blood, which were both among the first cds I ever bought.

But to be honest, when it comes to the post-Britpop sound I've always sort of preferred Radiohead or The Verve. xP
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