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what do you say to a Perto Rican business executive?
Ill take a dime bag.

how can you tell which is the Irish man at the hospital?
hes the one blowing foam off his bedpan.

why do they play sports on artificiall turf in Poland?
to keep the cheerleaders from grazing.

how do you make italian sausage?
from retarded pigs.

what do necrophiliacs and alcoholics have in common?
the urge to pop a cold one.

what is the differance between a Polish woman and Bigfoot?
one is six feet tall, dirty, hairy, and smelly. and the other has really big feet.

what do women and kentucky fried chicken have in common?
when your done with the breast and thighs, youve still got a greasy box to stick your bone in.
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