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Originally Posted by Scotty The Rebel View Post
The Futurebirds having a Country Rock infused sound doesn't make them Country. They are an Indie Rock band. Now the Byrd's Sweetheart Of The Rodeo album was a failed attempt at Country. Just like Nashville didn't accept it as Country back then, I don't either.
And I don't accept day light savings time... but who really cares what I except and who certainly gives a damn what a narrow minded gentleman such as yourself excepts? Are you speaking on behalf of Nashville now? Exactly when did the music industry in Nashville apoint you as their go to guy for the entire country genre?

Failed hardly... everything about the the album is country... just because The Bryds decided they were tired of making rock records and wanted to branch out in no way negates that fact that the put out a steller country record... You know what it says.. It says they were well rounded musicians... The same goes for Jack White when he decided hey I am gonna go produce a record for Loretta Lynn... You are not defined by the genre of music you make... you are defined by your ability to adapt your music into something people want to hear... and for 45 ****in years people have listened to and liked if not loved Sweetheart of the Rodeo... so check yourself...

I am very sorry that in all your years wandering the earth, (or what ever small town in Alabama you come from) you never experienced people with true musical taste, talent or knowledge... I am sorry about that because,it's a dull meaningless life you must lead.

And the next time you respond to me, come at me with well spoken intelligence.. Don't just pick some random post, and not read it all the way through and spout off your "good ole boy" opinon... I am all for having a musical discussion with you about a matter of fact I WOULD RELISH it, but I don't think you are ready for what I have to say in response...

Oh yeah and one last thing before I go, the only motha ****a bad enough to write a song about a ****in tractor in my opinion is the white lighting.. why because he was ****in bad enough to ride one around town...

sleep tight...
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Roxy is unable to perpetrate violence. It always somehow turns into BDSM between two consenting adults.
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I just want to say your tits are lovely.
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Roxy is the William S. Burroughs of our time.
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I like Roxy, she's awesome and her taste in music far exceeds yours. Roxy is in the Major League bro, and you're like a sad clown in a two bit rodeo.
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