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Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post

What you sniffing Vanilla?
What can I say, I'm a critic. It's just I haven't clicked with it first time around. But I did enjoy Blood On The Leaves.

Originally Posted by Mankycaaant View Post
words fail me. I don't really know what to say about this album. It's just so raw and energetic. I wasn't expecting it at all. At times he's closer to Death Grips with the loud and noisy dark production and others he's all sombre with the auto-tuned tracks later on in the album.
He seems angry in places, carries himself with an ego yes, but Yeezy's earned it and at other times he almost seems full of sorrow.
The whole thing is a work of art though, tightly compact and etching with quality throughout.
Maybe...his best yet.
This is an interesting take on it. I will listen to it a few more times with your perspective.
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