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Originally Posted by Blarobbarg View Post

Well, I just turned on Black Host's Life In The Sugar Candle Mines, and lemme tell you, I am hooked like a fish. I've never listened to it before, but if every song is as good as the first track, this might turn out to be my favorite record of 2013. Free jazz/funk/fusion/fuzz/heavy jazz/whatever. It's good. Listen to it.
FYI, the version of this song on the album is 16 minutes long... I'm not sure how good this short version will be, but I'm too busy listening to the album to find out. Hopefully you aren't disappointed.
Originally Posted by crazed View Post
Thanks for posting this, really like that video. I've added this album to my want list bookmark and hope to pick it up soon. The 2nd track really grabbed me- "Ayler Children", an obvious tribute to Albert.
Originally Posted by Blarobbarg View Post
Listen to it as soon as possible. I was not mistaken by my first impressions... it was incredibly- and I mean incredibly good. As it went on it started to slow down until it was at a menacing rumble by the end... and I mean that in the absolute best way possible.
From frenzied mania to chilling calm, this was an album worth owning. I hope to pick up a physical copy when I can.
CD ordered straightwaway on your recommendation. Thank you so much for posting. Never heard of this group, although I'm familiar with its members. From what I hear so far, I love their dynamics and textures -- and agree with crazed about that great video. Thanks for giving me something new to be excited about!
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