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Originally Posted by Fluffy Kittens View Post
What's wrong with shock value humour? Why should good comedians only be allowed to joke about rape? The crux of it is that the people that are offended just don't like rape jokes because it hits a nerve. They don't find them funny, therefore it must be wrong , why is that the comedian's fault? It's just emotionally driven. It's bollocks.
Humor that it's intentionally meant to shock is just horribly unfunny to me. Like dead baby jokes. I see them as being on par with lawyer jokes and knock knock jokes. Yeah, I get it, you're edgy. Now tell me an actually funny joke. There's no need or effort to it. Say something intentionally vulgar for shock value, and bam! You have joke LOL! If it's satirical or built into a larger, well made/structured joke, that's another matter. I was specifically talking about jokes where the humor is strictly derived from merely being "offensive".

Originally Posted by Fluffy Kittens View Post
Read this thread -

Is that not a race 'joke'?

Why is being white relevant? I mock white people too, but I mock anyone. I'm consistent. Like I said, either everything is OK, or nothing is.

...What? Where in my post did I say anything about everything "not" being okay? In fact, that's exactly what I said. I could care less who you mock. I said in my post that everything goes. Twice.
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