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Originally Posted by duga View Post
I didn't read through all 21 pages of this thread, but thought I'd go ahead and give my impressions.

The album just really pissed me off. I'm convinced now every release of Kanye's is his attempt to see what he can get away with. This is the polar opposite of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Where that album was huge, layered, extensively advertised, had multiple covers, and was generally just as overdone as possible (don't get me wrong...I really liked it) Yeezus is sparse, minimal, there is NO cover art, the advertising was minimal, and it is generally as monotonous as can be. The whole time I felt like he was saying to himself "well I got away with big...I can do whatever the hell I want and people will eat this **** up"...and I kind of felt insulted by the whole thing.

His last album was good, but honestly the guy just makes me mad now. I think I'm done with him.
I agreed with everything you were saying until you got to the monotonous part. I don't even see how you can say that after listening to the album.

The first half of the album sounds nothing like the second half along with the filler track in the middle that switches up how everything sounds.
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