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Originally Posted by hip hop bunny hop View Post
Batlord, I'd say the primary difference there is that slavery existed within the confines of a singular nation. The question of slavery, then, needed to be resolved as a nation can not operate with multiple moralities existent within its borders.
I'm not talking about how any possible issues in any muslim countries should be dealt with, but am I wrong in judging a society that operates under a moral system that I find repugnant? Whether we're talking about one society or multiple should make no difference.

Since we're on the topic of slavery, you do realize that the Arab slave trade continued into the 1960s, right?
I wasn't. How charming.
Originally Posted by Calvin & Hobbes
To evaluate my character my immediate pleasure is being pitted against my future greed!
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The Batlord is amazing man. He loves some fine woman and he gets horny easily. What is better than that.
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