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Good points of the album: Production is very good (technically speaking), the album has an overall concept and a powerful energy to it, and it's definitely unique to what Kanye or other mainstream rappers do so it gets points for being different.

Bad points: Ye went experimental with the beats but not with the vocals (Kind of like when Lil Wayne went rock but sang about having sex with white girls over the guitar riffs). The vocals are really bad and it was very difficult for me to make it through this album listening to Kanye in his most egotistical and misogynistic work to date. And one of the main themes is racism, which though it still exist, is hard to take serious as one of the main themes for an album in a country whose media and majority of the population adores Obama, Oprah and Beyonce as if they were royalty. Also, he goes back to singing with his voice drowned out in auto tune which to me is the antithesis of what I call "art."

If you like Kanye and experimental music you will like this album. If you like one but not the other you won't like this album but will be able to appreciate some aspects of it. If you like neither, this will be the worst album you've ever heard. Personally, the big downer for me was Kanye himself. If we are comparing this to other expirimental rap albums (which we should rather than comparing it to J. Cole), Exmilitary's MC Ride comes off as a psychedelic nomadic street prophet "And I know soon come my time, For in mine void a pale horse burns, But I fear not the time I'm taken, Past the point of no return" while in Yeezus Kanye comes across as a spoiled rich kid with a chip on his shoulder and authority issues...or either just a misogynistic douche bag, "Black dick all in your spouse again, I know she like chocolate men, she get off more n*ggas then Cochoran, HUH!"..."I'll f*ck your Hampton spouse, came on her Hampton blouse, and in her Hampton mouth"..."I put my d*ck in her mooooouuuuuuth!"
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