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Originally Posted by Sansa Stark View Post
I'm not in a couple with someone w/ the same parts as me but the promiscuity thing is a really annoying stereotype about queer people. Mind you, I'm pansexual though & I'm promiscuous because of my mental illness so there's that.
Pansexual? I've heard a lot of different descriptions about that and never knew which ones were accurate; I always assumed it was just a fancier way of saying you're bi but also into trannies or midgets (whatever gets ya off, man). Care to elaborate? And by mental illness, do you mean nymphomania? Sex addiction? Pardon my nosiness but those are the only psychological disorder I can think of that would result in promiscuity and it seems to me that you may be equating pansexuality to a mental illness- that seems inaccurate if so.

It might be annoying but it's fairly accurate for some people.
I'd be surprised if the percentage of people who are queer and could be described as promiscuous isn't equal to or near that of straights. And, even if queers were on average more promiscuous it's not fair to inherently assume it's entirely because of their orientation. Anonymous/casual sex for a minority group of people who are routinely discriminated against for their orientations shouldn't really come as a surprise.
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