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Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
I feel like 10 tracks was perfect for what he was attempting to do. He dabbled a bit in Death Grips like tracks near the beginning then on the second half of the album he stuck to what he knows best and ended it with a really soulful track that just tied the whole thing together.
I felt like the rhyming all the way through was just Kanye doing what he knows best, only having some standout ways of doing it, but still being pretty insignifigant throughout.

He did a concept album already and that's why you love MTBDF because it was more concept related.
Actually, I despise MBFDTTdfQQQQER because it's "concept" is total bull****. Sure, the production is good, but there were way too many filler tracks for a prog-hop album, and, as mentioned, there is in no way some overall story or concept to tie it together. It's a trick, while he brings in sort of characters and tries to use violins and cohesion to make it seem like one united piece, none of the tracks really live in the same universe, besides the fact that they are Kanye West rap songs.

Which tracks did you actually end up liking then? I'm curious.
"On Sight," "Black Skinhead," "New Slaves," "Blood On the Leaves" (only for the beat, Kanye was so beyond shitty and abusive to a great sample on it), and "Bound 2," which is probably the best on the album besides "New Slaves," mainly because Kanye actually does Kanye well, which is not deep or very experimental. I think I liked the beat on "Send it Up" too but I never feel a real reason to listen to it.
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