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Originally Posted by Plankton View Post
Clutch next Tuesday!

This is my next gig.

GNAW (Great Northern Amplifier Worship) Fest, now in its third year, at a local indie cinema/small gig venue.

Always love to see Waheela, local noise/psychedelic rock band. Play facing into their amps for maximum levels of noise and a wall of feedback.

Tide of Iron - big riffs, thunderous drums. I've been trying to get a drummer mate of mine to come and see them for ages simply because of how good their drummer really is.

I only caught a couple of minutes of Palehorse at Damnation Festival down in Leeds recently. Twin-bass doom. Sound nasty.

I've yet to see local We Are Knuckle Dragger or Cattle from Leeds, so I'm looking forward to those too. Should be a good night. It usually is.

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