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Default Only Just Listened To It The Whole Way Through...

I think it is reflective of albums these days in that I had only listened to the singles, yet 7 months after it dropped I finally listened to the album as a complete piece. I would class myself as a huge Kanye fan, who has seen him live thrice, and has all his albums. From that viewpoint I feel I have heard the various journeys he has been on and this is the most interesting. It is an album that makes you react instantly, but really needs to be listened to in full. There will be critics who don't like him who will criticize, especially when you call a track "I Am A God", but for the sentiment is that he is a man of power, and we are all powerful. Are we not all created in Jesus' image??

"New Slaves" is the centerpiece for me. A lot of the album is dedicated to carnal intentions, but this is the most political track. It is also the one that espouses the minimalism that Kanye has mentioned pursuing. I mean it doesn't even have drums, yet is so powerful.

I love the fact that the stimulus was minimal architecture. It's different. A lot of the lyrical themes have been done by Kanye before, but the way he says them here is particularly unique.
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