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I read an article on it. They said the reason behind it is because of the camera movement, the way it bounced and moved around. In a theater the screen, combined with the darkness is enough to take up your whole field of vision, adding the the illusion that you are moving. So your brain thinks that you're moving, because it that.

The impact is lost on the small screen, because you only see a small area, and it doesn't take up your field of vision in the same way.

For some, like Mangesh Hattikudur, 20, the jittery camera was enough to make him feel wretched after a recent screening. Looking pallid and suffering from a headache, he stood outside a few minutes after the show. "The hand-held camera stuff made me sick," he said, clutching his stomach. He did not, however, actually hurl, he reported. His friends were no doubt grateful for that.

"What happens is the camera and the brain mismatch messages," said John Risey, a clinical audiologist at Tulane University Hospital and Clinic in New Orleans. "Because you are seated and you are still, your brain gets wrong information that you are in motion." (Risey has not seen the movie – yet.)

The brain then sets off those woozy, seasicky symptoms. Because movie screens are so large, your entire field of vision is involved and that makes your body feel as if it's in motion, Risey explained. A computer screen or a television would not have the same effect.

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