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Originally Posted by FRED HALE SR. View Post
Don't tell me, Ki picked it out for you.
I'm not sure he would have wanted to be seen with me today. I ran about my errands while he was at work, and looked goddamn fabulous.

Originally Posted by Carpe Mortem View Post
I have a cat nerd friend I've been meaning to buy these for, maybe you should check into them too haha. Pretty goddamn awesome.
Ahh, that makes me wish I was a leggings type of girl!

Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
Just as bad as those ugly Christmas sweater parties and the Winter Olympic sweaters.
I'm slowly becoming an "ugly" sweater queen. Not like, super ugly, but questionable (yet early-80s fab). I was so stoked when I bought it (in the store I work in) that I had to go around in the break room and show it to my fellow cat ladies.
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